How To Market Your Beauty Based Business


There are many women out there that love to look beautiful, and some men too, so if you’re in the business of beauty you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to reach the people that are going to want to use your services and buy your products. Whether you’re an Avon lady or you own your own chain of salons, the way to make money and make your business grow is through marketing.

When it comes to beauty businesses there are some great places you should be reaching out to when it comes to marketing. Of course, this will somewhat depend on your business (since you wouldn’t want to be trying to get your competition to carry your products). Here are some ways to get the word out about what your beauty business has to offer.

 Get Online

If your business doesn’t have an online presence, you’re missing out on a lot of good, cheap (and often free), advertising. Set up a dot com and post your products and services on there so that people can see them. Get on social media and set up accounts linked to your business.

Social media is a great place to reach people of all ages and all types. It always you to find more clients and customers around the globe. It also lets you get on a more personal level with those people so that they can feel like you’re more than just another business to them.

Go To Salons

 If you sell products, from hair care to makeup, you may want to take your products to your local (or not so local) salons and see if they are interested in carrying some of your products to use and to sell to the people they use them on. You might even end up with an exclusive contract with a local vendor if you have something they really like.

This type of partnership lets you get your products out there while having someone else do the marketing and promotions for you, in a way. Although, you will still want to let people know they can get your stuff at those particular places.

 Hit Up Trade Shows

 You may also want to take your products or samples of your services to trade shows in your field. Big events like New York’s Fashion Week can be ideal for skin care, hair care, and makeup businesses. Maybe there is a salon trade show you can attend with your products as well. Do the research and make sure you’re not missing out on opportunities to tell people about what you have to offer.


If your city has business expos of any kind you might want to consider getting a booth at those as well. This lets you meet other businesses, as well as the people that might want to frequent them, and your business as well.