Marrying A Foreigner- How To Unlock Your Citizenship Option

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Settling in another country is the next step if you marry a foreigner. People do it happily for love, but immigration formalities are often challenging. Things are inherently easy for some countries as they facilitate a simple immigration process for people married to their citizens. Some countries have easy citizenship by marriage routes, so starting a new life with your partner is a breeze. But everything boils down to knowing the steps and requirements it entails. You can visit Bersani Law Firm for understanding more about this immigration route and preparing for the journey. Here are some key facts about unlocking your citizenship option after marrying an foreigner. Keep in mind that this varies from country to country, so check with the correct authorities.

Be aware of the timelines

Claiming citizenship by marriage is easy, but you must be aware of the timelines. You cannot imagine a dream life with your spouse in their country right after tying the knot because the process has some eligibility requirements. A couple residing in a new country usually has to wait some period of time after the marriage to initiate the process. If it seems like a long wait, consider starting a family with your partner. Having biological or adopted children together cuts down the waiting period significantly. 

Learn the language

Although the wait for initiating your new citizenship application sounds too long, you can utilize the time to learn the language. The process requires you to show an acceptable level of language proficiency to qualify for citizenship by marriage. You will often even have to pass a test to validate your expertise in the language. Spend time ramping up your linguistic skills so that you are all set to apply for your second passport after the completion of the timeframe. Knowing the language has practical benefits as it is easy to blend in with your new family and educate your children down the line.

Gather your paperwork

Like any other immigration process, citizenship by marriage has extensive documentary requirements. Essentially, you will have to prove that your marriage or same-sex civil union is legal and valid. Besides your marriage certificate, you will also have to provide the language certification. Other essential documents include your IDs, criminal check paperwork, and your spouse’s IDs. You will also need translations for non-native documents. Having the paperwork in place speeds up the journey, so get on it sooner than later.

Seek expert assistance

Although obtaining citizenship by marriage is not a complex process, even an insignificant error or omission can slow down the process. The best way to prevent hassles and delays is by seeking expert assistance in the process. An expert can guide you from start to end, check your paperwork, and ensure everything is aligned.

Once you are ready with these steps, you can apply for citizenship by marriage at your local consulate. You will get an appointment and join your new family sooner than later, provided you are ready with the eligibility factors.