Money Making Ideas You Can Do In Your Spare Time

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Time is money, as they say. It’s amazing how we could use our spare time to earn some side cash, not only do we get a payoff but we can still have a little fun too! Take a look below at the money making ideas that you can do during your leisure time and get paid for it.

Be A Field Agent Through an App

Did you know that you can get some cash from an app? There are so many apps that you can choose from. Take a look at this great article from Teach Me! Personal Finance’s about apps that earn you money during your spare time and from your own smartphone. One of these apps is called “The Field Agent”. It basically connects companies that need information with people who can provide it for a price. You can complete surveys at home, or get assigned some tasks to do abroad so you get to travel! You could also photograph a shop window display or notify companies if there are certain sales/discounts going on in the stores. It’s easy money.

Become a Gaming Streamer

If you’re a hardcore gamer who tends to play for many hours on end every day, why not show people what you’re playing and get some money out of it? Streaming is very lucrative because there are thousands of people who love watching players give their opinion on game tasks and watch them do what they do best. Whether it’s donations from fans, money from the monthly subscribers, or a deal with different companies if you promote their games and merchandise, you’ll earn some cash. Who would have thought that you can play games and get paid for it?

You Can Be a Transcriptionist

If you have amazing typing and listening skills, this is a great way to pass the time that pays you for your work. You basically listen to recorded audio files and convert what you heard into a text format. This can be done in many different fields, whether fiction, medical, political, or legal transcriptions. You just have to master the ability to sync what’s being said with what you’re typing.

Freelance Writing Or Blogging

Another way where you can get some extra money to do what you love is writing; you can write many different things online and a lot of companies would pay for it. Whether it’s opinion pieces, short stories, novels, articles, and other content writing. You can channel your energy and passion into words during your free time, and it’s a very nice way to make money while writing randomly every now and then.

The Life of an Editor

If writing isn’t your cup of tea, you can fix and edit what other writers have written instead. Maybe you’re knowledgeable when it comes to grammar, punctuation, and writing skills. It could be possible even if you’re a teacher and want some money on the side, doing one of the things you do best by correcting and editing. It’s not a bad thing to do during your free time.

Ever Thought About Joining a Focus Group?

If you have some time to kill, there are a lot of companies that pay decent money for people to come together and talk about certain products or services. You can all talk about your experiences with the product, your opinions, or discussing the pros and cons of it. All of this is very good because it helps promote that company and influences people to use its product or service. Your group could also talk about different genres of music, a television show, movies, or a political campaign. Companies would still pay you to talk about it for an hour or two.

Become a Driver

Maybe you’re the type of person that loves driving so much, well you can take that passion to new heights when you get paid for it. So many companies offer individuals who aren’t really considered professional drivers a chance to do this, some of them can be done through phone calls or phone apps. You pick people up and send them to their destinations and get paid for it, you can use your own car and some companies offer you a car too. Not a bad choice if you’re already going to be driving, might as well get paid for doing it.

There are countless things you can do during your free time that can get you that extra “moola” on the side. Think of your hobbies or what you’re passionate about it, then have people or companies pay you for it.