Motivate Your Employees With These Tempting Incentives


Employees are the cogs that keep your company going. Hard-working employees will help your business be extremely productive. And you will find that they can help you achieve more than you had ever imagined. But what happens if the cogs aren’t working quite as efficiently as they should be? If you notice a dip in the productivity of your employees, you may just need to offer them a bit of extra motivation. Hopefully, the following incentives will encourage them to step up their game!


Tokens Of Gratitude

Small tokens that show your employees how much they mean to you will go a long way. You will be surprised at just how motivated they are once they know that all their work is being noticed! If one employee has worked particularly hard on a project, personalized thank you cards are a nice way of showing how grateful you are. You might also like to buy any teams who have done really well some boxes of chocolates. It doesn’t matter how small the token is. After all, it is the thought that counts!

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Always Give Feedback

All employees will want to know exactly how their work and actions are affecting your company. The best way to let them know if by offering them continual feedback. One easy way to keep track of how your staff is working is to set goals. Then you can give employees feedback on where they are in relation to each goal. This gives them supportive feedback and shows them their progress. This can greatly increase their motivation and spur them on to do even better.

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Monetary Incentives

Some employers like to reward their hard working staff with monetary incentives. These can include bonuses and extra paid time off for vacations. If you reward your employees with these monetary incentives when they reach a certain goal, it will motivate them to get better and work harder. You can offer bonuses whenever you like, though most companies prefer to give them at Christmas. There are different ways for you to decide how much to give. Some business owners look at how well their company has performed and give their employees a bonus relative to that. Others give employees a different bonus each depending on how well the individual has performed throughout the year.

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Non-Monetary Incentives

Of course, not all incentives need to be driven by money. There are plenty of other things that will motivate your staff! Some companies like to keep production high by offering flexible working. Some employees may work better if they can work from home some days each week. This could be extremely motivational for employees who have children, for example. Some of your younger employees could be motivated if you offer extra training. Learning opportunities can help employees do perform much better at work. This can prevent them from getting too frustrated in their job, which can be very demotivating.

Once you try these incentives, you may be very surprised at how much your company’s productivity increases!

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