My Prized Possession – 3 Real Girls Share Their Style Stories

Ms.Career Girl, My Prized Possession - 3 Girls Share Their Style Stories

Every girl has her favorite item that she cannot live without that is her prized possession. This prized possession has goes beyond a shiny trinket; it is her staple, an inspiration and even an heirloom. Three girls, Janiece Noel Rejba, Nikia Jefferson, and Ashley Lauren Elrod share their style stories.

Janiece Noel Rejba – Owner of J.Noel Public Relations

Janiece Noel is one of Chicago’s amazing publicist representing authors, fashion and green eco-friendly clients for J.Noel Public Relations. Between volunteering  the Green Tie Ball and being a partner of, “I Love Being a She Preneur“, an organization that empowers female entrepreneurs to become successful.  Janiece’s prized possession was a pleasant surprise; as she pulled out a plastic bag wrapped around the object, I anticipated a clutch or maybe a travel jewelry box, but she exposed a more amazing possession: a vintage copy of, The Great Gatsby.

Her grandparents gave her the classic novel (and now, a family heirloom) at 13 years old, after they found the book at a used book store. The Great Gatsby, is Janiece’s prized possession because it was her coming of age book, that not only inspired her to write her own book, but has also inspired her style. “I have a lot of vintage pieces. I like the 1920’s; I have several shift dresses like Daisy [Gatsby’s love interest]. Her style was simple but she dazzled with accessories,” Janiece stated.

Gatsby’s charismatic personality also inspired Janiece to go into public relations, with his ability to woo people. The book reminds her that there are bigger and better things, although the book had a tragic ending.


Nikia Jefferson – Creator of ChiTown Fashionista

Nikia Jefferson is a connoisseur of Chicago fashion and events and reports the happening of the second city’s trendsetters for her fashion blog, Chitown Fashionista. Her prized possession (besides the more obvious: her wedding ring) is her pair of Karen Millen pumps. They are white satin with intricate black embroidery, topped with an amazing crystal and a black bow.

She purchased the pumps while temporarily living in London. “I wanted a statement shoe for my 10-year high school reunion and these fit the bill! They were my first ‘expensive’ shoe purchase ever.” Her shoes remind her of her time in London and they were the start of her obsession with high-end footwear and UK brands.

Nikia mentions that the Karen Millen shoes aren’t for everyday wear, however,  they fit in well with Nikia’s wardrobe. She chooses classic silhouettes when it comes to her garments,  shoes and accessories. “These pumps are no exception,” says Nikia. Although she no longer wears the shoes regularly after the birth of her son, when she was able to, she wore them with a simple black dress or a pencil skirt with a top in a bold color or black and white print. Now, they are on display in her bedroom. Nikia finishes, “I will never give those shoes up. I love them that much!”

Ashley Lauren Elrod – Aspiring Singer and Actress

Aspiring actress and singer, Ashley Lauren has an easy-going, yet chic style that translates into her work in the studio and on camera. She has many favorite pieces that she wears, but rings are her absolute love and go to pieces. Her favorite ring: a Rachel Roy’s snake ring.  

She purchased the ring while visiting New York City for the first time on her 21st birthday! She fell in love with the Macy’s and wanted something extra special to take home, and was instantly drawn to the ring. She had to have it!

“This ring is my favorite possession because it shows off my style. I love nature and anything that has a cultural and organic feel to it. I feel this ring has a very cool Egyptian feel to it which is something Rachel touches upon in several of her pieces,” says Ashley.

Ashley’s  personal style is simplistic, sexy, chic. She loves to implement color and wears a lot of black as well! The ring goes with almost everything that Ashley would normally wear, such as high-waisted pants, button down shirts, blazers, and ripped jeans. She would also pair the ring with a simple black dress or even a pair of levi’s and a tee. Ashley goes on to say, “It gives any outfit and edgy and cute flair, whether I dress up or down.” (Image by Alina Tsvor).


What is your prized possession? How has your prized possession inspired your style, career and life?