Myers-Briggs Personality Types That Are Most Likely To Take A Career In Education Or Science

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Many of the top companies and establishments rely on the Myers-Briggs Personality Types test to place candidates and staff in the right position that befits their character traits. The idea behind this move is that humans will give their best and produce results when placed in positions they feel comfortable in. In recent years, personality type tests have become increasingly popular for those looking to choose careers.

This is because the test results have practical value as it helps candidates identify their strength and weaknesses. It also helps them identify the areas they need to improve. Above all, the MBTI personality test can also point out the right careers for college students looking to take the next big step in their lives. This article reviews the personalities that will most likely choose a career in science or education.

If your personality type appears on this list, you will most likely do well in both fields. 


If you are an ISFJ personality type, you are reliable, which makes you good at making tough decisions. You enjoy making decisions after considering all the facts on the ground. Furthermore, you have strong values and will feel resentful if another person violates these values. Your strength is the ability to observe issues objectively while taking the impact your decisions seriously. These traits place you in good stead to excel in education fields. If you choose teaching as a career, you will most likely go far if you put in the work.


An INFJ person seeks to inspire and is willing to help others become a better version of themselves. As an INFJ person, your main strength lies in your ability to empathize with others and view life and situations from their perspective, not just your own. This makes you a highly tolerant person. You will also do well as a mediator between two opposing parties at opposing ends. Teaching is something that will come naturally to you. Although you will have to go for training like everybody else, you will grab the essential elements of the job within a short time.


An INTJ person is highly strategic with extremely grand expectations for themselves and others. They believe they can overcome difficulties if they set their minds. The ability to put sentiments aside and analyze issues objectively means that you can make the right decision when faced with several mutually inclusive choices. INTJ people are great school administrators and teachers. Should you choose to go into teaching, you may need to work on your demeanor, so your students don’t find you cold and distant, as this can make you white intimidating.


Are you an ISTP person? If you are, you will do well in any science field you choose but must work hard to get the desired results and career. ISTPs are very skilled with logic and thrive on using data to get solutions. Their greatest strength is the use of logical principles to make objective decisions. Furthermore, they are good at connecting with others emotionally. ISTPs have exceedingly high emotional intelligence. You may likely do well in forensic and computer Science or any other field of science that requires anytical thinking.  As long as you are patient enough to hone your craft you will climb the career ladder slowly but surely. The more successes you have the more your superiors will want to trust you with greater responsibilities.


ISFPs may appear quiet and reserved at first, but they love to live life to maximum. If you have this trait, you will most likely prefer to work within deadlines with the use of data. You are most likely a lover of nature and order, but you can be quite self critical of yourself when things don’t go as planned. Your ability to work within deadlines makes you a good candidate for a host of jobs, not just in education and Science. Many statisticians are ISFPs.


This personality type can resolve puzzles more quickly than other types. They can inspire others and offer insights that will give others purpose. If you are an INFP, your biggest strength is your curiosity; and as they say, curiosity is the mother of inventions. You don’t want just any career, but one that will give you purpose, so building others will come naturally to you. You will find purpose in education or if you choose to become a scientific researcher or an inventor.


The MBTI personality test helps people make the best decisions when choosing careers. For education and science, these personality types reviewed in this article will excel in them. If your personality type appears in this article you will have to take the time to choose a befitting career between education, science or any other career for that matter. Just give it a whole lot of thought and once you decide it, follow it through with your heart.