Myths About How the Job Agencies Work

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Most of the candidates usually opt for online portals, word of mouth and social media to find the perfect job for themselves. They believe in what their research and networking says and so, receive numerous employment opportunities to give a good start to their career.

But ever thought if there could be better and more effective ways to carry out the same task? Well, relying upon these easy sources may limit their area of search or hold back their career. So, instead of facing all hardship on their own, candidates should hire professional job agencies like MSM Group in order to receive more and better opportunities than before. The best part of working with job agencies is their understanding on career goals, experience, skills and expertise. Their representatives are in a better position to connect job seekers with the employers.

Though, some candidates associate a few myths with the existence and purpose of having job agencies at service. They have firm believe in those myths that hold them back. Let’s find out what are they:

Myth 01: Jobs are not permanent

Reality: They are capable of finding flex-to-hire and direct-to-hire positions

If someone thinks that job agencies only work for temporary staffing needs, then it’s necessary to think again. Staffing agencies pride themselves for working just like HR department in a company. The only difference is that they bridge the gap between employers and job seekers by offering permanent positions. So, don’t worry if someone says anything, just rest assured about getting interview calls sooner or later.

Myth 02: Job agencies find jobs without considering interest of job seekers

Reality: They aren’t done until candidates are satisfied

Since every job agency cares about what candidates are looking for, there is no reason to worry about if they could find the right job. Rather, these agencies are dedicated to cater everything from job duties to benefits. Though, if a candidate is not happy with his/her placement, then they got a perfect solution for it as well.

Myth 03: Job agencies don’t offer jobs in the respective field

Reality: They deal with all industries without discrimination

Since job seekers specialize in a particular field, they think that job agencies near me would not do the respective task. For instance, if someone wants a job in accounts, then the respective agency wouldn’t be able to place them properly.

Myth 04: Job agencies charge money

Reality: They are 100% free to work with.

Apart from working for job seekers, job agencies are equally important for companies to recruit quality talent. In fact, they work as a bridge between both parties that keep candidates and companies connected. For them, companies are the real client to charge money from because they will ultimately receive benefits of the workforce.

Myth 05: Candidates wouldn’t make enough money if a recruitment agency hires them

Reality: Pay rates remain the same in both conditions.

It is the common misconception about the services of job agencies. Candidates think that they may deduct commission from the salary coming through. But, that’s not the case. Their job openings work in the same way as that of normal recruitments. Candidates are aware of salary ranges or hourly rates before joining the office.