New Job? You May Want to Include This New Job Checklist

finding a new job find a new job in 2022

Starting a new job is both exciting and daunting. And, as we launch into the new year, many workers choose January to begin the search for a different position

Whether you’re switching roles, or you’ve opted for a complete career change, there are a few aspects you’ll need to consider to help make the move as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

We’ll take a look at some practical steps you can take that will allow you to get the most out of your new job. 

New car

Depending on your new role, you might need to travel further, or more frequently, than before. And if your current set of wheels are not up to the job, you might need to think about an upgrade. 

If you do decide to change your vehicle, you could consider taking out a car loan, though it’s important to ensure you can afford your repayments first and work out a sensible plan in order to do this effectively. 


Your new position might come with a different office etiquette which could mean a whole new wardrobe. Or, even if the dress code is casual, you might want to consider choosing a few new staple items to help boost your confidence such as a pair of smart trousers, shoes and a versatile jacket that goes with any outfit. 

Complete your paperwork 

Usually, employers will need contracts and paperwork signing and sending back before you begin your new role. You’ll also need to obtain a P45 form from your old employer if you’re in the UK, which you will then give to your new company. 

Make sure to complete any paperwork requests accurately and in good time to prevent any delays in payment or start of contract.  


You should have already carried out research on the company you’ll be working for, so you’ll already be aware of key information such as the services they offer and what they expect from employees. But it’s also useful to take some time to figure out how you’ll get to your new place of work, where to park and how much time you need to allow. 

It can also help ease your nerves if you know who you’ll be meeting on your first day and where you need to go when you arrive. 


Depending on your job requirements, you might be spending some time working remotely. Make sure you have all the right tech equipment, including monitors and chargers, if you’re beginning your new role remotely. 

If the nature of your new job requires you to use any other tools, ensure you have access to what you need before you start. 

Whilst starting a new job can be nerve-wracking, this new job checklist should help you feel prepared and ready to take on your next challenge.