Nurses are Superheroes

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Me, a Nurse? Yeah, Right! As if I have time to go to nursing school. Even if I did, do I really have what it takes to be a nurse?  Nurses work long hard hours.  They always seem tired, and stressed, and worried.  Is nursing really the right choice?

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These are all valid concerns about nursing, but there is another side to nursing.  A side that rarely gets discussed, the superhero side.  Nurses are superheroes.  Most people think it is the doctors who do all the work, but I will let you in on a little secret – it’s the nurses.  You see, when a patient is in the hospital, they typically have a team of doctors, normally 3-4 different doctors depending on the issue.  They also will have lab techs, pharmacists, and phlebotomists.  However, there is one person who is there and sees the whole picture of their treatment plan, not just bits and pieces of it. This is their nurse.

The role of nurse in modern health care is so much more than just a cute outfit, passing out pills, and assisting the doctor.  They advocate for the patient, analyze all the orders from the different doctors, labs, results, and orders to make sure there are not interactions, errors, or mistakes. They are also teachers, guides, and caregivers. Nurses are an essential part of the patient’s care plan.  If the nurse was not overseeing each individual piece of the plan, oversight wouldn’t  happen and mistakes would ensue.  It is important that hospital nurses keep a keen eye on their patient care plans, orders, and doctor communications.  Being able to wear multiple hats and multi-task is a big part of nursing.  Also, make sure to invest in a great pair of shoes.

The hospital setting is not the only setting in which there is a large demand for nursing.  Home health care needs nurses as well.  Home heath provides a service for patients who are entering the end of their life and have chosen to spend their last moments in the comforts of their home.  These nurses who choose to serve this community have a very special heart. They serve knowing that their patients are soon going to be leaving the world.  The need for compassionate hearts in this field is huge. These nurses are not only dealing with these special patients, but also their families.

As you can see, nurses are superheroes – even if they do not wear capes.  They answer the call time and time again- no matter how tired, or worn out they are. They serve willingly, passionately, and with a purpose that only those with a servant’s heart can understand.

If you feel the calling to be a nurse, make sure to do your research on local nursing schools.  Things to look for include, NCLEX Pass Rates, and accreditation.  Nursing schools like Denver College Of Nursing have an NCLEX Pass Rate of 91.43%.  Once you enroll, make sure to get a good study group together too.  You and your study group will support each other throughout the program.  Still on the fence?  Check out these facts about nursing to see if it’s for you.

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