Odd Questions You Might Be Asked In A Job Interview

When most people show up for a job interview they know that they should be prepared for anything. At least this is what the experts will tell you. Of course, how does one really prepare for a job interview? Sure, you can choose the right attire the night before and make a list of what makes you different, but does this mean that you are really prepared? A lot of things can come up during a job interview and you might actually be surprised at some of the odd questions that have risen during certain interviews. If you want to enhance your overall chances of securing the job and standing out among the other candidates, you are going to have to know how to answer the odd job interview questions.

Thinking Outside The Box

Amazon is without a doubt one of the most prolific companies out there. Their online presence alone makes them one of the most sought after employers. Of course, that doesn’t mean that getting hired on with them is going to be easy and when they throw weird questions at you like this one, you might be left totally stumped. One of the wildest questions that Amazon asked their potential employees during an interview was, “How would you solve problems if you were from Mars?” This question is quite bizarre, but it was not asked without good reason.

Amazon wanted to make sure that their potential employees could think outside of the box as well as act on their feet. And, that is exactly what this question will uncover. A good response to this question might be, “Well, first Mars will have a whole set of problems that are different than Earth, so I would first have to do some research to determine the cause and effect. Then I would be able to offer potential solutions to developing problems.”

Sarcasm Can Be Good

Trader Joe’s was once known for asking their potential hires what they thought out garden gnomes. This might seem like a ridiculous and silly question, but it was specifically asked with several key purposes in mind. First, the question was asked to loosen up their candidate and get a glimpse into their overall personality. The truth of the matter is that there really is no correct response to the question. The company admitted that they were looking for somewhat of a sarcastic response from their interviewees. An acceptable response might be something like, “If they could help me land this job then I would tell you that I love them.”

Answering The Question What Makes You Unique

This is a question that is going to come up during even the most conventional of interviews. It might not seem like an odd question, but it really is. The reason the question is so odd is that it is such a basic question that it makes it hard for the candidate to come up with an answer that makes them stand out. Answering a question like this with thoughtful insight requires more than just knowing why you are a unique individual. This can really a tough one for many people an algrim.co can provide you with the insight and information that you need to set you apart from the other candidates.

Be A Thorough Thinker

The Swiss are highly known for their anonymous banking. They are not only highly secretive and protective of their clients, but they hold accounts for some of the biggest investors in the world. It would be a huge career booster for anyone to land a job with a Swiss multinational investment bank like UBS. Of course, this might be harder said than done when they are known for throwing their potential employees for a loop. During one interview the company asked the question, “Why are manholes round?” To most candidates, this might seem like another whimsical question to lighten the mood.

However, this question was specifically asked to gauge the intellect of the candidate. This is why you always have to take the time to think all questions through during an interview. An acceptable answer to this question would be, “Because a round manhole cover wouldn’t fall through the round opening.” Another good response might be, “A circular cover provides an easier fit and doesn’t require rotating when removing.”



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