On Catching The Wave To The Future

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I grew up in SoCal.  If you live in LaLa land, as it is affectionately called, odds are that you either are a surfer, or you know one.  In LaLa land, in more ways than one, everyone wants to catch the next wave.

If you’ve ever watched a talented surfer, you know how much skill it takes.  If you’ve ever tried surfing, you know what happens if you lack those skills.  And there’s a lesson in surfing that applies to life in general, the future, and how you will meet that future.  How to see the next big thing before it arrives.

A Lesson From The Surf

As with most things, it’s easy to underestimate what it takes to achieve excellent results.  The skills of the talented surfer are easily missed because of the elegance of their ride.  But that seemingly perfect ride is preceded by careful observation. They wait and watch the patterns and signs, reading the signals that the casual observer misses.

If they start their run too soon or too late, they’ll either miss the wave or have the wave break on top of them.  Only when their observations, timing, and commitment to act come into harmony do they rise and ride.

And everyone is able to hear the signals if they listen.  Anyone can catch the next wave, with the desire and determination to do so.

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The Wave To Your Future

All around you, right now, the waves of technology, social trends, business cycles, and much more are sending you signals. Those are advance hints of what’s ahead.  Tune into them, and you’ll have the opportunity to see and react to the next big thing, before it’s the next big thing.


The most successful entrepreneurs in the world are also some of the keenest observers.  It’s that habit of continual observation that’s fueled their success.  They heard the messages of their observations, and took action to catch the perfect wave to their future.  As Jim Rohn said,

We must become sensitive enough to observe and ponder what is happening around us. Be alert. Be awake. Let life and all of its subtle messages touch us.  Often, the most extraordinary opportunities are hidden among the seemingly insignificant events of life. If we do not pay attention to these events, we can easily miss the opportunities.

The alternative is to be complacent and let the waves toss you where they may.  The choice is yours.

The Signals Are Talking

Have you ever found yourself asking the question, “I wonder what’s next?”  It’s time to take the next step and answer it.  And then take action.  Because the best leaders, the most successful in business are those who develop those abilities.   In her book “The Signals Are Talking,” author Amy Webb sums it up clearly:

“The only way forward is to pay close attention to the fringe, to listen for signals, and to democratize the tools of futurists so that more people are prepared for what’s to come . . .”

I’d recommend getting a copy of her amazingly entertaining and enlightening book to awaken yourself to the possibilities around you.  But whatever you do, make sure you learn to listen to what the signals are saying.  It’s far better to ride the wave than to have it crashing over you.

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