Online Inspiration: Could Fitness Vloggers Improve Your Workout?

Since YouTube first launched millions of people around the world have uploaded videos.  Videos of one type or another, from makeup tutorials, to game walkthroughs and, of course, fitness workouts. In some cases the digital platform completely changed their lives, or gave them a cult following.  In the case of Superwoman, or Lilly Singh her comedic skits, guides and videos earned her a whopping $2.5 million last year. However, can you become fitter from watching fitness gurus online? Hardcore gym bunnies would say not after all how fit can you be lying in your bedroom watching videos? You’re certainly not out exercising unless pressing keys count and you’re not using any muscles. However, a healthy lifestyle is far more than just blind activity and by picking up different techniques, cooking new recipes and even meeting different people you may just find yourself subscribing.

They Practice What They Preach

Most online fitness enthusiasts are not professionals; you do get the odd personal trainer, nutritionist or bodybuilder setting up channels but it’s mostly amateurs. But before you dismiss the idea, many of these people have spent years eating healthily, many are in fact vegetarian, pescatarian or vegan and have a good grounding in basic nutrition. They take natural supplements, boost their levels with energy building smoothies and try to learn as much as they can from people who are industry professionals. By appearing online live, or as close to live a video as possible users can can assess how healthy vloggers actually are. Note, not how slim they appear but instead how good their hair, skin, and body look and  how happy they seem.

It’s important for users to learn to trust their instincts so if you believe a blogger is too good to be true then they just might be. Carefully posted Instagram pictures,  or obviously photoshopped poses are a clear sign that things might not be what they seem. Videos, despite editing software, are harder to fake than images and if the individual has a good following, regularly chats to fans and appears to know what they’re talking about, then that’s a good sign.

There Are Endless Recipes Available

Simply typing in the word salad online will give you over three million hits. Now obviously, not all of these results will be recipes, ideas or tips about salad but probably around half of them will be. By having a quick online at the digital cookbook, you’ll be able to find numerous different ways of cooking something, ingredient swaps, and even healthy eating challenges. You’ll also be able to view step by step guides on how to prepare foods such as rice, quinoa, and lentils without having to read the same line of instructions twice. Fitness enthusiasts also like to swap junk food items for more healthy version so by checking out a video on say how to make sweet potato chips; you’ll still be enjoying a quick salty snack but cooked, prepared or finished in a positive way.

You Can Follow Free Workouts

Many vloggers or at least those who are serious about exercise, healthy living and making body positive choices will have lots of videos. These can range from eating tips, exercise equipment reviews to, of course, the workouts themselves. Workout videos can range from easy to difficult, incorporate gym equipment and be targeted at particular users. As always, before commencing any workout warm up and consider what level you’re honestly at.

There are also a wide variety of types of fitness programs available.  From online Barre training to pole dancing, there’s something to please practically everyone’s preference.

The upside is that most of these workouts are free, easy to follow and if you get lost you can just go back to the start. The downside, however, is that unlike in a gym, sports center or fitness class there aren’t staff to keep an eye on you, adjust your position or make sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard. This is why it’s crucial that you choose the level, video or plan that is suitable for your own fitness otherwise you could end up seriously hurting yourself.

It’s A Lifestyle Movement, Not A Diet

Try to stay away from those vloggers, bloggers and youtubers that keep talking about diets, short term fixes, and little black dress solutions. They’re often misinformed, talking about diet products which can have harmful effects on your health or are simply following a new celebrity trend. For example, Grammy Award winner Beyonce swears by the cayenne pepper and maple syrup diet but these types of diets are not meant to be followed long term. Those that do try them regularly could be putting themselves in danger. See how many videos, followers or comments a particular blogger has as those with only one or two videos, few comments and less than a 1000 views could be spam accounts. These look to target people into buying health-related products that they don’t need.

A good, well-known vlogger will have plenty of subscribers, lots of views and hundreds, if not thousands of comments. Not to mention they will often mention others in the industry, do collaboration videos, or hold regular Q&A’s. Lastly, their other social media channels will give you a final clue as many reputable vloggers are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and encourage users to leave feedback such as reviews for bbg workout, while some have websites of their own

Vloggers Are People Too

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can struggle to eat the right foods, exercise enough or even make mindful choices. When things aren’t working a good vlogger, or any online blogger will admit as much and try to explain why. It’s comforting to see that not even the golden skinned, blue eyed elite of the LA fitness movement can’t always manage to stay active. On the other hand, when it does go right, you can see the results in front of your eyes. You can experience for yourself just how awesome a superfood smoothie is, not only does good progress boost your confidence, self-esteem and passion for healthy living but you’ll also feel like sharing it with other people – both online and in the real world.

Title Image Courtesy of Keith Allison