6 Things To Do On The Web To Help You Save Money

There are some small, super easy and super fun things that can save you pretty significant amounts of money while shopping online. Some of them you might know already, but some are pretty new things in the world of online savings. No matter how much you know, there are always new ways to save popping up.  Here are a few of our favorites.

Contact the Brands

Sound little bit weird, but you can save a lot of money and get a great discount if you directly contact the brand you wish to shop, and ask for a discount! Write an email to the store’s customer service asking for a discount on a product you want to purchase.  Frequently, you’ll get a percent off coupon code, but sometimes they may even comp the product to you.  Retailers love loyal customers, and they value the good will they’ll get by the positive word you’ll spread after a positive experience.

Social Networks

Since today everything that is online has a social media platform, you can use that for your benefit as well. Almost every brand that exists has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another account you can follow. In these pages, you can not only learn about new products or trends but also be one of the first ones to know about  future sales. Some brands even share special ‘followers only’ coupons you can use as well. Overall – following your favorite brand will let you find many great deals.

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Online Coupons

Above I mentioned ‘followers only’ coupons, but that is not the only type of coupons you can use online. In fact, there are thousands of coupons on the web you can use in a thousand different brand name stores. From the stores where you can shop for clothing to a website there you can book hotels, there always are a couple of online coupons ready to make those prices lower. And there are not only brands with their own coupons, but specialized websites like http://www.couponbuffer.com/ full of them too. So you can find coupons almost everywhere you shop online and always enjoy savings with that too.

Shop on The Right Dates

Another trick that can help you save tons of money is to shop on the web during the particular part of the day, week or  month.  For example, if you would like to get a cheap plane ticket – Sunday is the best day to shop, and Monday to avoid. Also, take note that many brands start sales on Wednesday, Thursdays or Fridays. So you can check their websites during these weekdays for new sales as well.

On the other hand, if you are looking forward to buy a new laptop – do that only on Tuesdays. This day works perfectly because only on Tuesdays such retailers like Dell send their exclusive coupons to their customers who want to get a discount at their store. And if you are looking for some books to buy – Saturday is the best day.  That’s when Amazon offers many discounts and special promotions.

Incognito Mode

It’s not well known that your internet cookies can work against you on some websites.  For example, you may be price shopping and not purchase on your first visit.  When you return, you find the price is higher.  Related to this is exit discounts.  On some sites, if you don’t purchase and click to close the page, a popup will appear that offers an additional discount.

The takeaway on this is to be sure to set your browser to incognito mode prior to shopping so the prices don’t increase on your return, and always click close before buying to see if there is a hidden special promotion.

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The final thing you need to look for while shopping online is, in fact, in you! It is patience you need to have and use while looking for discounts online. For example, if you don’t need that item right away, wait a little bit before purchasing it.  If possible, set a price alert.  If not, check back a few times.   And on sites where you’ve given your contact information, get familiar with their regular sales so you know when to buy specific items.  Seasonal sales, especially, can provide substantial savings.

Shopping online has become a great way for consumers to save money.  Learn all the tricks, and you’ll find a lot more money in your pocket rather than the retailer.

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