Operation: Escape The Office!

office life

Let’s face it, not everyone is well suited for office life. You might hate the idea of being trapped in a cubicle surrounded by people all day. You may loathe the thought of having to face the mad rush hour and the morning commute. You’re not alone and the truth is that these days, there is another option. You don’t have to succumb to office life. Instead, you can resist it completely and spend your days working from home online. We bet you’re wondering what type of careers can be completed in your own home, online. Well, there are a few options to consider here and we’re sure that at least one will be suitable for you.


It’s not just a pastime, now it’s a full blown career and to get started all you have to do is set up a blog. Once you have this, you can then start to fill it with content that people are going to find either useful or entertaining. For instance, you might set up a blog about fashion. If that’s the case you might want a couple pieces of content about the type of fashion that celebrities have been wearing as of late.

Once you have done this, you then need to think about opportunities for sponsored content. This is the best way to get paid for your services. To do this, you just need to advertise that you’re open to the possibility. As long as you are gaining a steady level of traffic, you should have no trouble finding people who want to use your blog for marketing purposes.

Online Accounting

Every business needs an accountant. They have to make sure that the books are kept up to date and that the funds are managed. Now, while this is true, it’s also fair to say that they don’t want to hire an account as a full member of staff. So, instead of doing this, they take one on as a freelancer or rather a privatised worker. While they are not on the payroll, they’ll still be paid for their services. But here’s the best part. You won’t have to work in the office. Instead, you can provide all the services that they need from you online. To get started with this career, you should think about taking a course in msc accounting online. There, you’ll discover everything it takes to be successful in this career and learn the skills that will make you a great asset for business owners.


Did you think that working as a journalist you’d be writing for a paper? Perhaps you assumed that you would be on TV. Actually, the vast majority of journalists these days work entirely online and are hired as freelancers. Again, this allows business owners to cut costs and keep things affordable. For the employee, it means you can work online, from home and spend your days writing away. What will you write about? You’ll probably have to go out and find the stories yourself.

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Anyone of these careers could be the perfect option if you’re desperate to escape the office. Good luck!

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