Optimize Your Work and Time Using Glass Writing Boards

Whiteboards are one invention that has come a long way since they first came into existence. With new technologies and growing innovation, companies have made a glass writing board suit the needs of the users.

Though glass whiteboards are widely used in offices and schools, homeowners often think that the glass writing board is not a necessity for their home. But, it is!

From kitchen to bathroom, you can use  glass writing boards in various ways to increase the functionality of your space.

But today, we’ll learn the various reasons to use  glass writing boards in your kitchen and elsewhere.

Why Choose Glass Writing Boards for Kitchen? 

To first understand why glass writing boards are great for your kitchen, you must first learn what sets them apart from other types of boards.

Minimalist Design

Transparent glass writing boards are chic and stylish. They are available in a variety of designs and shapes. You may choose one that complements other fixtures in your kitchen. You can also opt for colored writing boards that not only look beautiful but also add to the ambiance of your space.

Erase Board

Unlike other writing boards, you can easily write down and remove the content on the glass writing board. These boards are eraser boards, allowing you to remove the old content and replace it with something new. So, you don’t need to use papers every time to write down your weekly menu or to-do list.

No Stains or Scratches

A common problem that most of the whiteboards have is staining and scratches. Glass writing boards are the way to go if you want to avoid these issues.

The glass equipped in manufacturing these writing boards is one of the toughest kinds, making it durable. The high quality of the components used also ensures scratch resistance. On top of this, the glass writing boards are easy to use.

Various Uses of a Glass Writing Board in Kitchen 

Apart from aesthetics, a glass writing board can add functionality to your kitchen. Let’s learn the various uses of a glass writing board in your kitchen.

Write down your recipes

Tired of having to open your recipe book every time you start cooking? It would save you a ton of time if you simply write down new recipes on one corner of the board.

Found a recipe you want to try out in a day or two? Erase the old recipe on boards and replace it with a new one so that you don’t forget about it.

Make a to-do list 

While cooking in the kitchen, your mind drifts off to many different places. You think about things you plan to do throughout the day. If you write them down, they won’t slip your mind.

Hence, the convenience of a glass writing board can help you keep updated with all the things you plan on doing throughout the day. If you need to replace or update your do-to list, you can easily erase the board and write down the new items.

Put up pictures and collectibles 

One way to add some aesthetics and liveliness to your kitchen is by putting up pictures on your glass writing board. Some boards come with the added feature of a magnetic layer, so you can put up collectibles from any places you visit. Or just simply put family pictures on it to give it a nice homely touch.

How to Care for Your Glass Writing Board? 

Where glass writing boards are functional and appealing, they need proper care to make them look new for a long time.

Here are some tips to help you keep your glass writing board in perfect shape for a long time.

  1. Clean the surface with a dirt-free cloth to avoid getting scratches.
  2. Do not clean the glass if it is under direct sunlight or is a heated pup. The cool cleaning liquids can cause the surface to get damaged.
  3. Avoid extreme temperature shifts in the room where you have kept your glass writing board as changes in temperature can lead to thermal fracture.
  4. Avoid using cleaning liquids with lots of chemicals. The glass is generally easy to clean and the markers do not leave stubborn stains on the glass.
  5. If you have put any adhesives or tapes on the glass, remember to take them off quickly as tapes also ruin the smoothness of the surface

By following these tips, you are guaranteed to enjoy the benefits of your glass writing board for a longer time. It is a valuable investment for your kitchen that not only adds to its aesthetics but also increase the functionality.

Looking for a high-quality glass writing board for your kitchen? Check from our list of various glass erase boards and pick one that meets your needs.