How to Implement Effective Organization in the Office

If your office is disorganised, it can get stressful and could even reduce your productivity. For this reason, one has to think of ways to organise the office and themselves. Here are some tips to help you keep your office, office schedules, and staff organised:

Develop a filing system

A filing system is where all records are stored. This can include staff records and project records and could be either online or manual. As a business person, when developing a filing system, you could choose to arrange records according to their alphabetical order in different categories. Filing helps a business to stay organised, as files can be accessed with ease. It also helps to save valuable space. The office becomes much more systematic and efficient.

Organise your computer

Keep only the information you need and use on a daily basis on your computer. Do not install unnecessary things like games in your office computer as this could disorganise it. The good news is that with today’s technology, you do not have to pile notebooks and pens on their desk since you can store all necessary information on the computer which is easy to search. If there are documents you do not use regularly but that must be kept, store them using the filling system making it easy to retrieve them if you need to.

Manage time

This can be achieved by developing a time plan for all the tasks to be completed. Create a list of the activities you plan a day before. This will ensure that you are always on schedule and project deadlines won’t sneak up on you unexpectedly. Before making a time plan, track your time for a few days to know how long you take to finish each task then you can assign more time to the tasks that take longer than the rest. This will always ensure that you are organised because you will be taking one activity at a time.

Organise your digital work

This is done by making folders and subfolders for everything done online. For example, in the case of emails, make different sub- folders for different clients’ emails. This way when an email is received, you can access it easily. Make folders with the clients‘ names where you can file the emails and other documents after reading them, so you can get them easily for future reference.

Create space in the office

As a business person, you should get rid of all unnecessary documents. Clean up the cabinets and drawers. Go through the piles of paper and get rid of all duplicates and documents that have not been used for more than a year. After you are left with the few necessary documents, it will be easier to organise them. As well as documents, you could also get rid of any unwanted furnishings to create a more open space.

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Use project planning tools

Planning a project can be a headache, as it has to be carried out by different people and each person has to be assigned their part of the tasks they need to undertake. A way to improve this is by making use of online planning tools, this streamlines the process and adds extra organisation, as you can plan the date or particular time when each task has to be done and monitor it’s progress throughout.

Make a schedule for communication

Set aside time for receiving and sending emails and making phone calls. Write agendas for your phone calls and emails so that you do not forget the main points, and if you do not reach the person on the other side and you have to leave a message, explain yourself clearly. Having this schedule reduces or eliminates distractions as you concentrate on one task at a time.

Compile a procedure manual

Make a manual with the procedures for each job, so that employees can fully understand what needs to be done in relation to their specific role. Also, include the date when the manual was written so that you will know when it needs updates. Put the manual where all employees can access it, either online or hang it on the notice board.

With the above tips, your office, procedures, and staffs will remain organised and the overall productivity will be significantly boosted.



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