How To Plan The Wedding Of Your Dreams Without Missing A Beat At Work

You found the man of your dreams and now you want the fairytale wedding of your dreams. It’s not going to be a cheap affair, but you want to spare no expense for the love of your life becoming your husband. So, you start your planning, and your head is in the clouds, but you are also a successful career woman and your career matters just about as much as your man does.

Now you have a dilemma to face. You need to plan this spectacular event that shows everyone how strong your love is, without letting it affect your work and your success in your field. You can do it, you just need a little help.

Find A venue That Does It All (Or Almost All Of It)

Part of that help will come from selecting the right venue. Pick a venue that offers more than just a space to host your wedding. You want one that does catering, sets the tables, and gives you space not just for your wedding but for your reception afterward as well. If you have a venue that does a big portion of the work for you it can take a lot of stress of your planning, and your work days.

Instead, you can focus on finding the right dress and picking your perfect bridesmaids. You can also focus on work when it’s time to work.

Hire A Wedding Planner


Another way to get some help when it comes to wedding planning is to hire a wedding planner. They can help make it easier for you to pick your colors, your venue, and so much more. It’s like having your own fairy godmother that helps make all of your wishes and dreams, for the perfect wedding, come true.

Let them know what you want for your wedding, whether you want a theme, something huge, or something small, and they will help you get all of the details squared away. This will leave you time to get your work done without stressing about your wedding plans while you’re on the clock.

Set Your Dates Far In Advance

Don’t try to speed through your wedding. If your love is true then it’s going nowhere while you take the time to make the perfect wedding day happen. You don’t want to sacrifice your career and your sanity in order to plan a huge wedding in just a couple weeks.

Leave The Wedding Planning Out Of The Work Place

Don’t take the wedding to work with you, and leave work out of your wedding as well. You can keep these things separate, and you should. Make wedding planning time all about the wedding. If people at work ask about the wedding planning make a plan to talk to them on a break or even after work is out for the day. This way you can stay focused on work.

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