Planning For Your Retirement?

Let’s face it – for most of us, the thought of retirement is a long way away, which makes it hard to properly evaluate the importance of preparing for it. Saving for retirement is an abstract goal, like being a better person, that if not pursued results in very real consequences, like being broke. There’s going to come a time when your retirement is your life.¬† The good news is there’s help to assess your options, from specialized annuities to a robo advisor.

When that time comes, its important to make sure you’re protected, comfortable, and have access to the largest amount of funds possible. What most people don’t know is that if you have a health condition that reduces your life expectancy, you can increase your pension annuity. The way to do this is to secure enhanced annuities from a company like Saga.

If you are a smoker, are under/overweight, or have type II Diabetes or high blood pressure, enhanced annuities can help you guarantee a higher retirement income. More serious medical conditions can lead to even higher income. This is why it’s important to reveal any and all medical history, not matter how minor, when requesting or discussing an annuity quote.

Too often, we make smart investments in our future, like starting a new careering or going to school, while simultaneously ignoring opportunities and leaving money on the table. Opportunities like ¬†enhanced annuities may seem small or insignificant now, but they can be incredibly important down the road. That’s why even though answering thousands of medical questions to secure your enhanced annuities may seem daunting, it is a smart step to protecting yourself and your livelihood in the distant future. The goal is to worry about these issues today so you don’t have to later, and by contacting an annuity service, you need not worry at all.

Everyday actuaries for pension funds and insurance companies crunch numbers to see how much money someone like you can earn. They use medical history all the time to deny people money and coverage. But when that medical history shows they owe you more now, they don’t go out of their way to tell you. That’s what enhanced annuities do. They make sure the algorithms can work for you, not just against you.

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