Post-Rehab: How to Build a Successful Career

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After rehab, you’re ready to turn a new leaf. Having career goals can certainly keep you going down the right path. You’ve accomplished something great by going through the rehabilitation process, so why shouldn’t you be able to do amazing things in your given career path?

Do you want to pivot into an entirely new career or more fully pursue something you’ve already started? What are the resources you’ll need to make it all happen? What’s your plan of attack? To help you along your way, here are a few tips for building the successful career that you want post-rehab.

Maintain the work you’ve put in.

It’s important to continue to maintain the work you did in order to prevent backsliding. Beating your addiction is a process and journey, not a final destination. Having career ambitions is exciting and important. Do you have the tools and support system to maintain your sobriety if your career doesn’t immediately take off?

To get the help you may need and keep you on a forward trajectory, consider participating in an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Consider the program as the next step in your recovery. At a place, like Meta Addiction Treatment, you’ll receive individual/group therapy, support from your peers, and life skills training. This kind of program is designed to help you transition to a more hand-off, less structured treatment, so you’re prepared for the freedom to more fully pursue your goals.

Add some clout to your credentials.

In order to have a successful start—or restart—in your career, you’ll need to give yourself the chance to be competitive with the other applicants in your field. You already have a tenacity and work ethic that others could only dream of since you’ve completed rehab. Now, you need the paperwork and official credentials to back it up.

If you have experience managing a group of people and management training, and could see yourself wanting to be a project manager, consider taking the Project Management Professional Exam. This is a rigorous examination. Passing this exam could mean a change in job and a decent pay raise. While you’re studying for this exam, you will definitely want support from friends, family, or peers to help you manage stress.

One way to manage the stress associated with taking an important exam is by being confidently prepared. To make sure you’re ready when the time comes, consider signing up for free PMP prep online. Before committing to a study program, you should see if it’s engaging and works for your style of learning. Trusted prep courses, like Brain Sensei, give you this opportunity through a free trial. If you choose Brain Sensei as a way to study, they have a 100 percent pass guarantee. If you don’t pass the first time, Brain Sensei gives you access to all of the study prep again free of charge.

Before signing up for the PMP, make sure you officially qualify. Depending on your experience and education, the CAMP Certification may be a better fit. Do your research, study hard, and obtain an official certification.

Make obtainable goals.

You might be feeling amazing coming out of rehab, because of your successful sobriety. If you feel like you can take on the world, that’s amazing; however, it’s very important to manage your expectations. You can manage your expectations by setting real, obtainable goals in an appropriate timeline. Make yourself a five-year plan. Ask someone in the field to sit down and chat about their own career timeline. Believe in yourself, applying, and trying even when there are setbacks. A successful person is a committed person.