The 20 Habits of Truly Brilliant Presenters

So you’ve gotten the routine for meetings down pretty well.  You know how to use online meeting resources and your meeting presentation skills in those settings is improving all the time.  But what if your company called upon you to deliver an address to a major corporate or industry meeting?  Would you be up to the task?

Such opportunities come up more often than some might imagine.  And they are perfect for showcasing your talents in ways few other opportunities can.  The last thing you want to do is screw up.  And, you don’t want to decline the invitation, because it may not come again for a long time.

Probably one of the best known and most admired presenters in recent times is Steve Jobs. If you’ve ever listened to him, you know it’s a pretty sure thing you’re going to come away inspired.  Part of what makes his presentations so captivating is his ability to connect with the audience.  And part is his mastery of the art of storytelling.  If you haven’t seen it, take a look at what is probably his most famous presentation.  It’s here for your convenience.


If you’d like to look more into the art of storytelling, there’s a recent and informative publication worthy of a look.  The Storytellers Secret by Carmine Gallo is a short course in the finer points of presenting and storytelling.  Meanwhile, take a look at this concise infographic for twenty pocket size tips to hone your skills and help you be ready to say yes when the boss gives the call to deliver.




The 20 Habits of Truly Brilliant Presenters Presentation skills

Linda Allen

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