Protecting What Matters to You

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Life is a funny thing. We go through it, and we grow attached to things. We find things to rely on, to benefit from, to gain satisfaction from. The funny thing about life, though, is that none of these things are guaranteed. We can’t always keep what we want. We don’t have ultimate control.

Coping with this idea–that we don’t have ultimate control–is the first step in living a better life. Plenty of people go through life choosing to be in denial, never admitting that they don’t have control. Instead, they control harder. They manipulate more. They gain money and power, tricking themselves into thinking that they can buy security. In reality, none of us have perfect control, and we have to come to terms with that to become individuals at peace.

Once we’ve acknowledged that we don’t have ultimate control, our life takes a different direction. On the one hand, this revelation will help us relax. It will help us appreciate and value the things we currently do have in life. Instead of living with a false sense of security and ignoring important relationships and opportunities because they will “always be there,” we can wake up everyday with a glorious sense of gratitude. Just the fact that we have legs and can see is enough to start our day with a bound of joy. Realizing that everything is a gift is a great way to stay grateful for our current situation.

One the other hand, that revelation that we don’t have ultimate control will help us wise up. Instead of ignoring potential problems with blinders on, afraid to even think about that loss of control, we’re now able to face it. Some things in life can, and should, be protected. For example, if you’re the owner of a company that owns business vehicles, whether you live in Maine or California, you’ll want to have a lawyer on hand for any commercial truck accidents. Protecting your crews and your company means getting proper defense.

Another thing we can now protect is our data. An amazing beacon of hope in the internet age, you can now have your sensitive information tracked by a data protection company, making sure it never shows up where it shouldn’t. That’s a huge relief, and it’s encouraging to see protection catching up to internet technology.

Whether you choose to focus first on protecting what matters to you, or meditating on the value of everyday life, realizing your ultimate lack of control can be a huge gift. You don’t have to worry anymore about how you’re going to hold it all together–because you’ve realized you can’t. And that’s okay. A lack of ultimate control inspires gratitude in all of us, and it’s the first step in living a healthier life.