Punny Wedding Hashtags: 4 Reasons Why You Need A Slogan For Life

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In today’s modern times, technology is making its presence known in weddings with punny wedding hashtags, drone photography, and even GoPros in bridal bouquets. The sky seems to be the limit when it comes to adding tech experiences to your wedding event, and we think it’s pretty cool. And while some of these technological advances in weddings can get costly, having a wedding hashtag isn’t. So, here are four reasons why you need a slogan for life – your wedding hashtag.

4 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Hashtag

Sure! There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of decisions to make while planning your wedding. And one of the big decisions and expenses will be having a professional wedding photographer on hand to capture all of the incredible memories. But they can’t be everywhere, so the photos that your wedding guests take can become part of your online wedding album using punny wedding hashtags. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to have one, check out these four reasons why you need a wedding hashtag:

1. Store All Your Photos In One Spot

One of the most anticipated parts of tying the knot is receiving your wedding photos. Your wedding photographer will capture thousands of images that will become your wedding album. But since they can’t be everywhere, there may be experiences and memories of your wedding day that are missing. Punny wedding hashtags allow you to create a complete online social photo album by connecting your guests’ photos with your wedding photographer’s photos. It’s genius! Now you will have a mobile, online wedding photo album that you can access from anywhere simply by searching your personalized wedding hashtag. 

2. Wedding Favors

If you’re planning on having personalized wedding favors, you can also include your punny hashtags there. Favors are a genuine show of appreciation for your guests attending your wedding as well as any gift they may have brought. Send them home with a cute keepsake to not only remember your wedding but also to remember (and use) your wedding hashtag long into the future.  

3. Wedding Invitations And Thank You Cards

To have the most success with your slogan for life (your wedding hashtag), you should implement your hashtag throughout all of your planning. Beginning with your save-the-date cards, wedding invitations, and thank you cards. Doing this imprints your punny wedding hashtags in your guest’s minds from the beginning, which means they will be more likely to use them. 

4. Photo Booth

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your wedding experience, nothing is better than a photo booth. And it provides a fantastic place to use your wedding hashtag. Add it at the top of the photo booth backdrop or the bottom of a fun photo frame prop. Doing this keeps your punny wedding hashtag front and center in all photos. 

Wedding photo booths are a fantastic way to get your wedding guests interacting and mingling with each other. And all the photo booth props and hilarious poses, your guests will love this wedding experience. 

How To Create A Punny Wedding Hashtag

1. Use A Professional Wedding Hashtag Service

If you’re struggling to come up with witty or punny wedding hashtags, we have a solution. The best way to create your punny wedding hashtags is through the professional writers at Wedding Hashers. We believe that your love story is unique; your punny wedding hashtag should be, too. 

How A Professional Wedding Hashtag Service Works 

The professional wedding hashtag writing service at the Wedding Hashers has a team of dynamic writers that use the details from a short questionnaire you complete to create your punny wedding hashtags. They use a combination of your names, hobbies, maybe your first date location or where you met, and perhaps even the wedding venue. And the result is a unique wedding hashtag that’s distinctive to you as a couple. 

Why is this important? If you create punny wedding hashtags common, the photos from your wedding day will get mixed with other newlyweds using the same hashtag. And you don’t want that! 

2. Use A Hashtag Generator

If you don’t want to pay for a professional wedding hashtag service, you can use a wedding hashtag generator. These hashtag generators are easy to use and return your punny wedding hashtags at lightning speed. They are an internet-based tool that spins words together that you provide to develop some phrases that may be ideal for your wedding hashtag. 

You simply answer a few short questions and click ‘get my hashtags.’ Voila! You have an instant selection of punny wedding hashtags to choose from.

3. Create Your Own

If you’re the DIY type, then creating your own wedding pun hashtags could be a fun experience. Here are some ideas to create your own hashtag:

  • Turn a romantic date night with your favorite treats into a hashtag session
  • Get your friends together and play a game that mixes words to create your hashtag
  • Use your names, wedding date, theme, venue, hobbies, etc 
  • Incorporate your favorite things or catchphrase that you say often
  • Favorite quote

Our Top 10 Favorite Punny Wedding Hashtags

  1. #rowestotheoccasion
  2. #apizzamyheart
  3. #onehaleofawedding
  1. #mermaidtobe
  2. #donutletmego
  1. #intentslove
  2. #meowandforever
  3. #nachoaveragewedding
  1. #twowongsmakearight
  2. #aiphilthelove

A Slogan For Life

Having an exciting, mind-blowing, and memorable wedding experience begins with the smallest details, including your punny wedding hashtag. Having a personalized and unique wedding hashtag will ultimately make the entire wedding journey an experience that both you and your wedding guests will enjoy every step of the way. From the epic proposal to the unforgettable wedding exit and every step in between can be captured and stored together in your online social photo album using your punny wedding hashtags. Wedding hashtags are truly the best way to relive your wedding day for many years. And, you can continue to use it as your slogan for life to celebrate every milestone you experience throughout your love story. So let’s create yours today!