Purchasing a Trampoline: Best Sellers in Canada

Purchasing a trampoline is not a small thing to do. Depending on the price and features desired, it can take months or even years to pull the trigger in some cases. Trampolines are considered as an investment; you’d really like your launch pad to last for years or even decades after spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to it.

To make trampoline shopping easier, we’ve comprised a list of the top trampoline sellers in Canada. As you may expect, the best manufacturers offer their selection in their respective online stores. See our listing to know where to get the best trampolines in Canada!


Skywalker is a USA-based trampoline manufacturer known for their mid-tier trampolines. Established in 2005, the company has become well-known within the industry. Considered often as the best value for money, their trampolines tend to be priced 200 and 700 CAD with some few exceptions being over the 1000 CAD mark. The brand offers round, rectangular, oval and mini trampolines for sale in Canada.

Skywalker trampolines are often loved among families who are looking for a trampoline for their kids and preteens. While most models are suitable for mainly basic jumping, some premium models allow you to perform more advanced tricks.


Started already in 1996, the Finnish trampoline manufacturer ACON amazes with its Nordic engineering and design. Famous for their rectangular trampolines (the 16 Sport HD in particular), this company has become the go-to supplier for advanced trampoline trickers and gymnastics. Yet, families tend to buy it as often as advanced jumpers due to its durability.

The bounce is often rated as the best within the industry, as it should when looking into the prices. While you can get your hands on an ACON for just under a little 1000 CAD, expect to spend substantially more especially if you are looking for that ultimate jumping experience. But hey, they provide a solid warranty policy, a plethora of safety features and accessories as well as all spare parts online?


If you’re looking for trampolines for sale, chances are you’ve encountered trampolines made by Springfree. Their main selling point is safety, which speaks to many families who are planning to buy their first trampoline for kids. As the name suggests, their trampolines do not have springs. Instead of steel springs, they use plastic rods to create the bounce. As the cords are placed outside the trampoline mat, there’s no risk of hitting them while bouncing.

Like ACON’s trampolines, Springfree’s trampolines are considered a premium product. While the bounce suffers due to the fact that regular springs are not used, some prefer to opt for springless models. Their most inexpensive models start at around 1400 CAD while their priciest models are around 2800 CAD.


When it comes to a popular choice, the Jumpflex trampoline in Canada has gained popularity over just a few years. They set themself apart from their competitors by promising high quality with less money compared to the players that have been creating premium trampolines already for decades. Besides that, they have a modern and sleek design that is distinct from other trampolines.

Recently, Jumpflex launched their lifetime warranty, which has made their products even more appealing for parents. Their product collection is quite slim compared to their competitors; expect to see only three round trampolines from a 12ft model to 14ft and 15ft models. The pricing starts at around 1000 CAD and it goes up to around 1250 CAD.

Tips for Trampoline Shopping

Knowing the story behind manufacturers and the brand is one thing, but it’s not the only thing you should know about trampolines before buying one. When trampoline shopping, it’s highly recommended to:

  • Know for whom the trampoline is
  • At what level are those who are going to jump on the trampoline and is it expected that they may develop skills to advanced level
  • Stay at a comfortable price and budget for you
  • Check the pare part and accessory availability
  • Read reviews about customer support quality and availability

With these tips in mind, we hope you’ll have a happy shopping experience!