Quick College Hacks For The New Student

College can be one of the busiest time in our life. Add any additional work or family commitments to that mix and you’re likely to feel like you have no free time. Feeling overworked or like there are too few hours in the day can mean we overlook things. We might overlook smaller details or forget to make time for ourselves. But ultimately, as time goes on we are more likely to overlook important matters too. Deadlines, rent payments, and more can easily slip our mind and we can suffer needlessly or even jeopardize our place at college. But it doesn’t have to be this way! It is reported that there are three things that college students often forget to do effectively: study, manage money, and eat well. With the hacks below, you can address all of these at the start of your studies. Your experience is far more likely to be positive, empowering, and successful as a result.  Whether you are physically attending class or getting a degree through an online program like Fresno Pacific Masters in Organizational Leadership Degree Online, these tips are a must for new students.

Join A Study Group

Many colleges and institutions have specific study groups depending on your course and subject. With the advent of social media and networking, you may discover one via Facebook or Twitter. The advantages of joining a study group can be numerous. If you’re quite a sociable person, they enable you to mix with others while still achieving something constructive. They provide peer support and can help keep things in perspective. There is no easier way to become overwhelmed with work than to completely isolate ourselves. It can be amazing how quickly we start to believe that everyone is ahead of us. Or that we’re the only one finding the assignment difficult. In a study group environment, we can quickly gain insight, advice, and a bit of structure. We can benefit from the thoughts of our peers and may even find that we can help others too! It can be a confidence boost to find that we understand areas that others struggle with. They, in turn, can help us with the areas that we struggle with. Meeting on set days and at set times to study can help us to train our brain too. Our body and mind can take on habits very quickly. This is why it’s so important to ensure those habits are positive. If we meet with a study group every Wednesday and Friday, for example, we may quickly find that we are in the frame of mind to work at these times. Seek out study groups and even start your own if necessary. Coffee shops can be handy for everyone to access but can quickly become noisy or feel just like socializing. A great option is a floor of the library where your subject books can be found. It will be quiet, accessible, and conducive to good studying.

Read Good Essays


Essay writing is an essential skill for the majority of college courses. Whether you study arts or sciences, you need to be able to summarize your thoughts and ideas effectively. We may have been out of education for some time, or not have written at this level. It can be difficult to approach an essay from scratch so we should seek out sources of inspiration. Research papers can be intimidating if we haven’t written one. We can find material online or request past papers from our tutors. These can then provide the basis of our own essay, or at least show us how it is done. Reading widely is one of the best ways to improve our writing abilities.

Set Up Automatic Payments


We are likely to have many additional payments to make when we become a student. We might need to make library subscription payments, rent, home insurance, and more. If we already have some financial commitments, it can be easy to become confused and overlook things. Missing payments or paying late can have serious financial consequences. We may lose certain privileges or be faced with hefty additional charges. Where possible, we should always aim to make payments in full and on time. Seek professional advice and be honest early on if you are struggling financially. Setting up automatic payments can be a great way to reduce the hassle. It can be daunting at first to think of money “disappearing” from our account. But forgetting to make a payment is far worse. Automatic payments may already be an option on application forms or contracts. But if not, why not suggest them? It might be possible to arrange an automatic payment to a landlord or other outgoing. For your benefit, it reduces the amount of attention you have to give to the process. But for the benefit of the receiver, they never have to hound you for payment or wonder when to expect it. The less time you have to spend on remembering to pay things, the more you can spend on studying and having fun!

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