Reasons to Pursue a Career in the Legal Professions

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With so many different career options these days, and new industries and job types being created all the time, it can be hard for women to decide which field they want to go into. However, one area that consistently is popular, no matter the geography or year, is law. Read on for some key reasons why you may want to pursue a career in the legal professions.

Plenty of Choice in Specializations and Work Type

For starters, the legal arena provides a lot of flexibility for workers. There are dozens of different areas to work in, so you can pick the type of subject matter you want to focus on during your career, or even change your specialty numerous times over the years. You might decide to get a Master of Science in Jurisprudence degree, for instance, or sign up for training in environmental, maritime, corporate, entertainment, immigration, personal injury or family law, just to name a few.

When you become a lawyer, you also get to enjoy flexibility as far as where and how you work. You can become a public defender, join a team of lawyers, sit on the board of a large corporation, work in a government department, or start your own legal firm. You may also be able to set your own hours and fees, and choose which clients you want to work with.

Another benefit of joining this industry is that it can take you around the world. Lawyers are required on every continent, plus many multinational firms send their legal teams internationally to handle work, so you can end up traveling regularly and having the chance to live and work in many different parts of the globe.

Make a Difference in the World

Of course, many people decide to go down the legal path because they want the opportunity to help people and to try to make the world a better place. No matter what area of specialization you choose, being a lawyer can give you a chance to help individuals, groups, businesses, governments, the environment and other voiceless parties such as children and animals.

As an attorney, you can have an impact on how the world runs in certain areas, and you can help to further the public good. If you choose to perform pro-bono work, as many lawyers do, this is another way to help. It particularly assists under-served members of the population who might otherwise not get access to legal services, like the elderly, low-income, victims of abuse, marginalized, and children.

Transferable Skills

By training as a lawyer, you will also develop a wide range of helpful skills which can be transferred to other career types, if you decide to change jobs, as well as to your life in general. The knowledge you gain can’t ever be taken away from you, and can open up many doors for you over the years. For example, legal training can be utilized in fields such as consulting, law enforcement, writing, academia, mediation, management and more.

The strengths you develop during your legal studies and in the roles you take on will also be of benefit in other areas of your life besides your career. For instance, you will have honed your communication, time management, negotiation, problem solving, creativity, analytical, interpersonal and team-work skills. These will help you in all of your relationships, both close ones and fleeting ones, and make it easier for you to reach all your life and financial goals.

Intellectual Stimulus

Another key reason why a lot of people enjoy being in the legal field is all the intellectual stimulus it provides. As a lawyer, you can continually stretch yourself as you learn about new topics and rules and regulations, and as you stay up to date on cases and other developments.

No matter what kinds of cases you work on, such as trade-secret patents, multimillion-dollar business mergers, famous criminal cases, or challenging family law scenarios, you will be required to use your intellect and to push yourself to succeed, case after case.

In addition, as an attorney you will also get the chance to meet any number of interesting people. This includes those you work with at law firms, and the clients you represent over the years. You will get to know people from all walks of life, cultures and backgrounds, and have your mind opened along the way.