Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Teaching Career

Find a Teaching Job becoming a teacher

When you ask people what they want as a career, the most common answers would be ‘doctor’, ‘lawyer’, and ‘entrepreneur.’ Nothing is wrong with this of course, the great thing about living in the modern age is anyone can be anything. For instance, there are jobs that solely involves the Internet, you do not even need to go out of the house to drive to work anymore.

However, it is really odd that we only occasionally hear them say ‘educator’ or ‘teacher.’ In fact, for some people, teaching has become more like a back-up occupation rather than a career goal. But there is a significant sense of fulfillment in the education field. Yes, we are going to get real sappy with this. So here are reasons why you should probably consider a career in teaching.

Shaping the minds of the next generation

Did you know that most schools today are adapting the Cambridge curriculum? It is not exclusive to UK schools anymore, in fact, there’s already IGCSEs in Singapore and many other places around the world.Most are starting to create an educational framework that focuses on analysis and synthesis, encouraging students to take what they have learnt in class and apply it in real world situations. But a well-crafted, even globally-recognised educational framework is nothing without the educator executing.

As a teacher, you will get to work with naturally inquisitive minds, motivating them to work towards a goal. You will be responsible for exercising their minds, helping them think critically and act empathetically.

Experts in staying on top of trends

The field of education, just like technology, is ever evolving. And as learning methods are becoming sophisticated, teaching methods are changing as well. Teachers are used to these kinds of changes, and are able to keep themselves updated with the new best practices in providing holistic education. If you choose to be a teacher, you will learn the value of traditional teaching methods as well as pursue innovative ways to keep learning exciting for students.

Both a rewarding and challenging profession

This may seem like a lot of pressure to be under, and truthfully it is. But with how the world works right now, it is important that we are able to share our enthusiasm for learning.

As a teacher, you will be able to guide students in advancing their critical thinking. Tapping into their young, curious minds and providing them with a platform to express their thoughts. But more importantly, your teaching will not just shape their minds, but ultimately shape the world’s future. By making students do individual projects, encouraging them to participate in collaborative work, and giving them constructive feedback is what will make a lasting impression.

So in terms of fulfillment, innovation, and the thrill, teaching has definitely ticked all the boxes. Of course, these should not just be the only reasons for considering a shift in education, you need to be passionate about it too. To know if teaching is a career for you, get experience through offering tutorials or volunteering in review centres. Take your time exploring the world of teaching, and when you are ready, your students will be waiting for you.