The Relaxation Options That Can Help To Reduce Stress

reduce stress

Stress can be a huge problem in today’s society. Many of us can flippantly say that we feel stressed or that we are feeling stressed out at any given time. But whether you just feel flustered, or you are well and truly feeling the pressures of stress, it can often be an unpleasant feeling. There are many causes of feeling stressed out. Some feelings can be related to work, perhaps feeling overworked, overtired, and finding it hard to meet deadlines or upheld your company’s expectations of you. Other situations could include stress at home, perhaps in your marriage or relationship, with your children or with family members. Whatever the reason, I think we can all agree that we would like some solid methods to feel more relaxed when our emotions are heightened.

Another huge factor to stress is the month we have just begun, December. The stress of Christmas and scheduling events or commitments. Who to buy for, having to send those Christmas cards, as well as ensuring that you fulfill family commitments, making the big dinner and even the stress of having to enjoy yourself and put a smile on your face. The whole month can be hugely overwhelming for some. So whether your stress is to do with Christmas or everyday occurrences, here are some relaxation options that can considerably reduce those stressed out feelings.


Meditation is a great way to encourage you to relax more. If you have never done it before, it may feel a little strange at first. However, there are some great tutorials online, and you can even use smartphone apps that have things like guided meditation to help you with your thoughts and what you are feeling. The main focus of meditation is to focus on your breathing, and to allow yourself to empty your mind of cluttered thoughts. This can then help you to refocus and prioritise.

Taking deep breaths

If you find your stress levels reaching the boiling point recognise the symptoms and emotions and take yourself away from the situation for five minutes and just focus on breathing deeply. This can help you to calm your heart rate and just put some focus on the simplest of tasks. Inhale through your nose slowly and exhale through your mouth. While it can slow down your heart rate it can also help to lower your blood pressure. Next time you find yourself at boiling point, try this technique out and see the difference it can make.

Slowing down

In the heat of the moment and the thick of a situation it can be hard to step away from the situation entirely, so instead try and be more present in your circumstances and slow down. Try and take the time to just focus on one behaviour such as awareness to the scene and the situation you are in. This may even help you to see what you could do differently to get a better result.

Booking in some rest and relaxation somewhere

Sometimes you need a little help when it comes to the whole rest and relaxation thing. So it may be time to consider taking some time out from the busy schedule you have. You could consider a deep tissue massage as stress can really tighten your muscles and cause you to feel tension in your body physically as well as mentally. Or simply spending a morning or afternoon at the spa could certainly do the trick. If you don’t have the means to pay for something like this, then just consider booking a day’s holiday from work, and spending it enjoying nature or even indulging a bit of catch up TV. Switch your phone off, keep the laptop away, and enjoy time in your own company for a while. Even just catching up on some sleep can do you the world of good.

And if you’re one of those who insists that you don’t have time, combine something you do already with a treat for yourself. For example, try some Amor Bath Bombs and make bath time into a special experience.

Laugh yourself silly

Laughing can often be described as the best medicine, and when it comes to stress, laughing could be the ideal solution to get rid of those unwanted feelings and emotions. Laughing can help reduce the hormone that creates that stressed feeling, and help improve your mood and mental well-being. Next time you feel stressed check out funny videos on YouTube, or even just put on your favourite funny film to lighten the mood.

Create a different atmosphere

Sometimes it is the general atmosphere we are in that can really heighten our stress levels. So now would be the ideal time to change the atmosphere if you feel that it is having a negative impact on how you feel. Often doing things like lowering the lighting, making yourself comfortable, and even putting on atmospheric mood sounds like nature sounds or ocean sounds can help to relax your mind and help you to calm the situation.

yoga studio 

Become more active by taking a walk or trying yoga

Many would agree that being active like going out for a walk can help to reduce anxious feelings and boost mood, so you can imagine that it can have just as much of a positive effect on stressed feelings as well. Walking and getting out for some fresh air is the simplest way, but also general exercise can also be great. Yoga is a form of exercise that many would associate with trying to reduce stress and anxiety, as there is a level of breathing techniques used within it. Again, there are often guidelines online if you have ever done it before, or heading to a beginners class could be the way forward.

Be grateful

Finally, gratitude is a great way to help when it comes to reducing stress. It places your thought process more on what is going well and all the good things you have rather than still focusing on more negative aspects, which tend to be what is causing you to feel stressed. Many people make this part of their daily routine as well, such as thinking about things to be grateful for when they wake up and just before they go to bed.


I hope some of these options help you to reduce stress in your life!


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