Remember These 6 Things You Were Scared of in School?

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If you are now beginning to look for a job, you may have a mixed feeling of excitement and fear. You feel excited because you are not any more studying, and you are a little scared because this stage in your life is something new. This is the beginning of real life outside a campus.

On the other hand, this is also a stage where you will be missing your school uniforms a lot. You will feel nostalgic about the past and will tend to reminisce over all the good things you have gone through. You will remember not only the good things but also the scary moments you had when you are still in school. Do you still remember such moments?

Here are six things you may remember you were scared of in school:


If you are not a fan of Maths subject, you will surely not forget how scared you were whenever your Maths class would start. You may have forgotten the mathematical formulas your teacher taught you, but you will always remember your face even though you didn’t look at yourself during such moment. Numbers can really scare anyone, especially when they appear with alphabets and parentheses.

Terror Teacher

Teachers in general are not actually scary. Only there are some teachers who can effectively scare students. It is their style, and it must have been the method which was used to teach you. This is why you still remember the face of your terror teachers until now. Perhaps, you felt like being electrified whenever your terror teacher spoke. It was very effective though.


Examinations may scare anyone depending on the type of student. If you were the type of student who was very studious, you would always get excited about exams. However, if you were a happy-go-lucky student, examinations might have always been a nightmare for you. The scariest of all exams is when you have failed to review before it, let alone waiting for the results.


It is not your homework that might not have been scary. In fact, this could be your relief when your teacher told you and your classmates that your current activity could be sent home. What probable made your homework scary was when you failed to do it at home, and your teacher was about to check it. In the end, it all depends on a teacher.

Grades to be Checked by Parents

When you were very young, your mom or your dad might have been monitoring your school reports. At first, you would probably perform well. Sometimes, you might have failed to deliver on their expectations. Perhaps, you got a warning. The scary thing was when you failed again, and you didn’t want to see their reaction.

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Every school has bullies, but not all students have similar experiences. In your case, you might have experienced being bullied. This could be another scary thing you would surely not forget. However, if you were one of the bullies, you might have been scared of being reported.

And Don’t Forget Monday

Many students are excited whenever weekend approaches. You were probably the same. Perhaps, Monday scared you the most especially if you really had fun during the weekend.


Time flies so fast. You will suddenly realize you are no longer in school. However, there are things you won’t forget, especially the things you were scared of in school. You may or may not have overcome such fears yet. Nevertheless, these are the things worth remembering. You can also share such stories with your children in the future.


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