Rockin’ Grannies: Can You Keep Up?

Somewhere, I read that fifty is the new thirty.  They may be way off.  More and more, we’re seeing rockin’ grannies who refuse to buy into the visual cliche of grandma in the rocking chair with her knitting.  If you’re of the mindset to savor every minute of life and follow the admonition of Hunter Thompson, these four amazing women should be pure inspiration.

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Rockin’  Abs

Thinking that it’s more than you can handle to make the trip to the gym?  Sixty-four year old Wendy Ida would disagree.  Starting from being eighty pounds over weight at age 43, she’s now got a shape any woman would envy.  And if the weight wasn’t enough, she’s also a survivor of domestic violence and low self-esteem.  You can find her full amazing story on her blog.

wendy ida


Rockin’ Drummer

Got the beat?  Can you keep up with sixty-five year old Mary Hvizda?  And just in case you think pounding on the drums is just a stroll in the park, check out this article about drum workouts.  This little old lady isn’t content to follow the pied piper, she’s definitely following her own drummer.

If you check her out on the internet, you’ll find that the video wasn’t a one-time thing.  She’s a regular at the store, and has even performed on the sidewalk outside.  Gives a whole new meaning to “You go, Grandma!”



Rockin’ Mover

Okay, so not everyone is out there to conquer the world.  But even the more subdued can and do have a burning ember of good old rock and roll.  “Nana Feole” was on the way to the car when she picked up on the tune her daughter was playing.  Nana, keep shakin’ and bakin’ and may we all keep the beat as long as you have.  Rock on!


Rockin’ Runner

Life is a marathon, the saying goes.  But Harriette Thompson, at age 92, ran one.  As the oldest female to have ever completed a marathon,  her attitude is “I don’t think I can’t do it, I’m gonna do it.”   While she wasn’t out to win the race, no one told her to get up and try.  As she finished the race, she wasn’t alone in celebration, because she’d attracted tons of fans who gave an impromptu confetti reception at the end.  You can hear and read her amazing story here.

rockin' grannies


Rockin’ Reality Check

There’s no doubt that these ladies know how to relax, too.  I’m sure they have their favorite ladies organization.  But they made a decision to do the “golden years” mostly on their feet and  kickin’ a little ass.

What say? Rockin’ chair, or rockin’ out?  I’m thinking I like the latter!





Grandma Dance  Bev Sykes




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