Romance Isn’t Just For February


February may be gone from the year’s calendar, but that doesn’t mean romance should go right along with it.  Think about it.  Most things we are involved with don’t produce good results if done only during one month of the year.  Gardening?  All the plants would die.  Working out to get that great body?  Eleven months of no exercise will quickly turn those muscles to flab.  And if you’re a host to a furry critter, you surely don’t plan on care and feeding  just one month of the year.

If you’re lucky enough to have the regular company of someone you’re more than a little fond of, listen up!  It’s time you treated that highly-valued relationship with the same care you do your houseplants, your body, and your pets. Here are three tips to help keep the warm fuzzies going all year round.

Show Appreciation And  Intimacy Daily

Appreciation and intimacy are not separate concepts.  Think of them more as levels of the same thing.  You can show appreciation in many simple ways, from just a mindful “thank you” to notes that tell your partner how much you appreciate them.

Intimacy is just a leveled up place of appreciation.  Those caresses and soft touches show not only your love, but your appreciation for the physical and emotional connection you have with your partner.  Romantic lingerie can be a part of the scene, and gifts of an intimate nature just help to show both the physical and emotional appreciation you have for them.


Everyone Loves Surprises

There’s nothing like a surprise to bring a smile to your face.  Remember those times when you let out a little shriek of joy because they’d made the effort to do something a little extra special?  That’s just like a ray of nourishing sunshine to your relationship.

One of my favorite surprises has always been finding little notes secretly stashed in my purse, laptop, or even in my smartphone case.  It’s the perfect way to deliver a dose of your  love when your partner gets the little message when they get to work, or open their laptop for work.

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Take Romantic Trips

There are vacations.  You know what those are like.  Tons of fun to plan, and full of excitement and new things.  That’s all great, but if you’re like me, you find that too often you need a vacation to recover from the vacation!

So instead of or in addition to the regular vacation, try planning a romantic getaway.  You can google that and come up with a ton of possibilities.  The common thread is that they’re usually extended weekend retreats.  And instead of focusing on places and things, the focus is on you and your partner.  You make it a special time to re-connect with your partner on an intimate level and remember all the great things you love about them.

So don’t let your romance wilt while all the flowers of Spring are budding and blooming.  Start a tradition of nurturing your relationship as you would anything that you want to grow, flourish, and be around for a long time to come.


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