Running a Servicing Company? Here’s How to Keep Your Employees Happy

employees happy

Employees within a servicing company find themselves on the front lines, which means extra pressure to fulfill contracts, make repairs, and keep customer satisfaction at an optimum level. Service employee satisfaction will be improved greatly through the right level of support from the company as a whole, and those they depend on for key information to fulfill their tasks in the field.

Why is Employee Satisfaction Important?

No matter what business you’re in, employees make your business grow and succeed. This means that unsatisfied employees easily have the potential to create havoc for your business, whether it’s working in an unmotivated fashion, increasing employee turnover, or losing their passion for what they do.

As a servicing company, you want your employees to perform in a way that best reflects the company’s hard-working ethos, and this can only happen if your employees are happy within their job roles.

How to Keep Your Servicing Employees Happy

Arrange Regular Appraisals

Appraisals are important for two reasons.

  1. They allow employees to discuss everything which is on their mind and raise any issues
  2. They allow you to speak with your employee regarding any feedback you need to give, whether this is constructive feedback or positive praise

Regular evaluations mean that employees can feel as though they have a key opportunity to give feedback on their role and feel like they are always heard. Furthermore, providing managers with positive feedback means employees can feel more appreciated and, therefore, happier.

Provide All The Tools They Need

It can be very frustrating for a servicing employee if they never have access to what they need whilst working in the field on their scheduled tasks. Sometimes, even the simplest lack of information can result in an employee unable to fulfil a task.

Be sure to always equip your employees with everything they need. This doesn’t just mean physical tools they use on the job; it can also mean anything that makes their tasks a lot easier and streamlines processes, such as implementing work order software.

Be Flexible With Scheduling

Employees will always appreciate any opportunity for a more flexible working schedule. Servicing schedules can easily be made flexible regarding working patterns based on customer requirements and employee availability.

Be sure to sit down with your team and come up with a schedule that works for everybody. All employees can be confident in the knowledge that their personal commitments are respected when needed and that they can find a working pattern that works to benefit everyone.

If the main working schedule simply cannot be made flexible due to job commitments, then flexibility can still be encouraged wherever possible, such as when emergencies arise. What matters most is that you offer flexibility to employees when you can, so that they know you understand, even if you cannot fulfill every flexibility demand.

Be sure to pay attention to signs that your employees are dissatisfied, and always be open with communication in how to improve job satisfaction within your business.

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