Santorini: Escape Work With An Idyllic Island Vacation


No matter how much you love your day job, it’s always good to take a break. Even if you’ve accomplished the ultimate dream of combining your passion and your living. The simple act of shutting down for a week or two and changing your environment is healthy and restorative. It also helps you to think more clearly, and this is when some of the best ideas happen. That, and when you’re in the shower.

And what better place to escape the trials and toils of the working day than a beautiful Greek island. Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands and is located in the Aegean Sea. Picture beautiful whitewashed houses perched on a cliff with a brilliant, blue ocean as a backdrop.

Santorini has an interesting history. In the 16th century BC, it was devastated by a volcanic eruption. This forms the stunning landscape that is evident today. Stay in one of the Santorini villas for a quiet and indulgent getaway.



If you prefer your time away from work to be spent on the beach with a good book, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be hard pressed to choose between the many beaches on the island. Kamari is a great place to swim and rent a beach chair for the day. There are also lots of great eateries nearby. The beaches at Perissa and Perivolos are lively and fun and cater more to the party crowd.

For something a little different, Red Beach has a stunning backdrop of cliffs and beautiful red sand. It gets very hot around midday, so make sure you take some beach shoes.


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A great way to explore the island and surrounding waters is to take a tour. The island provides wine tours, sunset cruises, volcano tours, or take in the whole vista by helicopter. It’s a great way to learn more about the history of the island and its inhabitants.


The Sunsets

You can’t visit Santorini without experiencing one of its sunsets. If you’re finding it hard to come down from work, sunsets are often cited as a great way to relax and beat stress. Santorini frequently appears in lists of the world’s best sunset destinations and for a good reason. Whoever you ask will tell you about a different sunset spot. Everyone has their personal favorite. Oia and Fira are often hailed as the best locations for sunset hunters. But for something a little bit different, observe the sun melting into the ocean from the water itself by booking a boat.

Combine taking in the sunset with hiking the Fira Trail. It’s much cooler that time of day, and you’ll be presented with dazzling photo opportunities.

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Experience The Hot Springs

Each day boat tours leave from the old Fira port to take visitors to the hot springs. You can dive from the boat into the cool waters of the Mediterranean and swim out to the springs. Suddenly the water becomes warmer due to the sulfur content. The springs are known for their healing properties.

These are just a few of the many attractions of Santorini, and I haven’t even mentioned donkeys, wine, and delicious food. There’s something here for everyone, and it makes the perfect foil to hurried and busy days at the office.



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