Scenic Biking Trails in New York’s Central Park

New York City is the perfect place for anyone to tour by bicycle.  And Central Park’s bike trails are the pinnacle of your biking adventure.

Central Park should be on your bucket list, because it makes for an exciting trip in and of itself. Prepare yourself for some breathtaking views from the moment you mount the bike and don’t forget the selfie opportunities, either.

“One of the best things about Central Park bike rental for travelers is the in-depth look at the park’s attractions that only the unique perspective of a bike tour can provide,” said Blair Nicole, a spokesperson for Bike Rental Central Park. “One the tours we offer focuses exclusively on Central Park’s  bike trails which are often described as being host to several hidden gems.”

The park is a green oasis in the midst of the city. It will give you something to look forward to, regardless of how many times you’ve been previously.

They include:

  • The Pond, which boasts some of the most stunning sunset views in the city. It is aserene spot that sits below street level. There are 240 migratory bird species found in this area at any given time, offering the perfect opportunity for nature lovers. You’ll enjoy the unique sights of the forsythia and crabapple trees, especially when they reach the height of blooming season in spring.
  • The Central Park Zoo stands out as a place to see when taking a bicycle tour. There are over 130 species to see, all in lush habitats that mimic their natural surroundings. Everything from tropical birds to snow leopards make themselves at home here.
  • Balto Statue has graced the park since 1925. A famous sled dog, Balto is the heroic dog that delivered a life-saving diphtheria antitoxin during an outbreak in Nome, Alaska in 1925. When you encounter this statue up close, you’ll see why it’s in so many photos.
  • Alice in Wonderland  has graced the park since 1959. This 11-foot, bronze statue features Alice, the White Rabbit, and the Mad Hatter. Climbing, sitting on, and otherwise touching the sculpture has always been encouraged, making it one of the more iconic pieces of art in New York City.
  • The Conservatory Garden is surrounded by an ornate gate that once stood at the entrance to the Vanderbilt Mansion and beckons visitors to tour an English garden of lilac and magnolia trees. It includes an Italian garden featuring a wisteria pergola and fountain, along with yew and crabapple trees, while the French garden features the Three Dancing Maidens statue and colorful tulips.
  • Belvedere Castle has been a focal feature in the park since 1865, with a stunning Victorian design. Despite its original design as a purely decorative attraction, it has also served as a weather station since 1919. Natural history-related artifacts are on display inside, highlighting its importance as a local landmark.
  • Lastly, one of the most iconic places that you can see during a bike tour is Strawberry Fields, a Central Park location that virtually everybody has heard of. This location covers 2.5 acres and pays homage to the late John Lennon of Beatles fame. The shrubs and elm trees that grace this area offer a colorful contrast to the Imagine mosaic, which provides photo opportunities of its own.

Central Park’s Bike Trails

Taking full advantage of Bike Rental Central Park is an ideal way to drink in all the local sights in Central Park that are worth your time. New York City is one of the best places to explore sights somewhat off the beaten path because of the interesting history behind most of them. When you decide to see what Central Park has to offer, using a bike is a great way to see everything.