Shh-oes : Silent, Stylish and Comfortable

IMG_2472 Shh-oes by Mary Arnet are high heels designed to be comfortable and silent when you walk in them.I work in a small office. In a small office, everyone hears everything… especially people stomping down the hall in their heels.

My boss wears high heels every day. I love my heels too. But when I wear them, people think I’m our boss when they hear the clip-clopping of my shoes on the tile floor. I tend to frighten our intern.

I found a way around scaring the intern with the sound of my heels, and that’s with Shh-oes . Shh-oes by Mary Arnet are high heels designed to be comfortable and silent when you walk in them. My pair of beige, open-toed Ava Tassel sandals from Shh-oes is the most comfortable pairs of heels I’ve ever worn. Even with a three-inch heel, they are easy to walk in. IMG_2470

Shh-oes are made from supple leather with memory foam footbeds and a non-slip, shock absorbing rubber sole. The red heel reminiscent of the soles of Louboutins reduces heel lift so you don’t make as much noise when you walk.

There are all different kinds of heeled Shh-oes. Not only do they make sandals, they also offer different kinds of pumps, boots, and wedges.

When browsing their site, they even offers suggestions on how to choose the right size for you. Each heel description lets you know if the shoe runs true to size or if you should order a size larger or smaller than what you usually wear.

To get your pair of these super comfy and quiet heels, visit their website at!

Samantha Raab

Samantha earned her degree double majoring in Journalism and Communications from Indiana University. After an internship with a minor league baseball team and an internship with the IU Auditorium, she started working for a marketing firm. She currently works in marketing and public relations and freelances as a graphic designer. Samantha resides just outside of Chicago. She is a self-proclaimed "jack of all trades."