Should Your New Years Resolution Be To Join A Team?

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Most people will make new year’s resolutions come December 31st. Many of them will be along the lines of getting fitter and healthier, losing weight, generally being more active – and that’s a great resolution to make. Deciding how to go about that, however, is more difficult – there are so many options when it comes to fitness. Joining a team is one of them, and it could be exactly what you are looking for.  Here are the reasons why you should join a team.


Joining a sports team means you will automatically meet new people who have at least one thing in common with you; the love of the sport you’ve picked. That’s a great start. The more you play together, the closer you will all become, and these friends can easily become some of the very best you’ll ever have. There is a definite closeness involved in a sporting team that isn’t found elsewhere, most likely because the goal of playing sports is to win, and when you play in a team you all must work together to make it happen. Those friendships become even more cemented when you have team uniforms that include t-shirts, baseball caps, and custom tote bags to put everything in. Having personalized tote bags and more to mark you out as one of the team is certainly something to take pride in.


Once you reach a certain level in your team’s training games, you’ll be ready to compete against other teams. That’s exciting for a number of reasons. Firstly, healthy competition is genuinely good for you, both physically and mentally. It’s a good workout because you’ll be pushing harder than you would normally do in practice (you want to win, after all), plus the competition factor gets your heart racing much faster, which is good for short periods of time. Plus, you’ll feel less stressed, with more of the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin released into your body. Sporting fixtures are a natural high.


Joining a sporting team – whether that’s volleyball, soccer, swimming, netball or any other of the plethora of sports available – will boost your confidence hugely. Even if you start out with no experience of the sport you’re keen on doing, the more you do play, the better you will become. The more your team wins, the happier you will feel. Even if you suffer losses, knowing that you were part of the team and you tried your best for the collective will give you a boost. You’ll feel as though you can do anything you’re asked, anything that is required of you, and you will have learned that through being part of a sporting team.

Getting Fit

Not everyone enjoys going to the gym and running on a treadmill with no specific purpose. It does work for some people, but others need a little more impetus and reason behind their activity if they’re going to keep it up. That’s why a sporting team can work so well. Not only is there a reason to be moving about (playing, and hopefully winning, the game at hand), but, because you are playing in a team, it’s much more difficult for you to stop because it’s getting hard. People will be relying on you, so you need to keep on going for them, and for you.