Sick Of Work? Proven Ways To Improve Your Career Prospect

Most people would like better, more fulfilling work. But with the labor market the way it is, that’s by no means a certainty. The problem is that, right now, the average worker is spending most of their time doing something they don’t want to do. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we spend around 8.8 hours at work every day. That translates to roughly 9000 hours a year.

Finding better work is the aspiration of millions of people. But how do you practically go about making it happen?

Here’s how.

Volunteer Work

Taking time out to do volunteering might not sound like the smartest career move. After all, you won’t get paid for your efforts. But in the long term, there’s every chance it’ll pay off. One cool thing about volunteering is that it makes it easier to break into a new industry. You immediately start building skills and gaining knowledge, just from being present in a new environment.

The other benefit of volunteering is the effect that it has on your CV. There might be a hundred people applying for the tech job you want. But very few of them will have any sort of volunteering experience. Volunteering shows employers that you are both driven and interested in the well-being of others.

Do An Online Course

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It used to be the case that if you wanted to go far in the world, you had to go to university. But thanks to the rise of new, fast-paced industries, this is no longer the case. In many ways, the academic world is stuck in the past, churning out grads for jobs that don’t exist anymore. The most innovative training and learning is happening online. And the good news is that it is accessible to all.

Different training platforms usually specialize in particular subject areas. For instance, training website Treehouse specializes in software and app development. Learning sites are all reviewed online, as in the case of this Treehouse review. This means that their quality can be compared quickly.

Eliminate Procrastination


Perhaps the biggest killer of career prospects for many people is procrastination. Procrastination often arises as a result of unconsciously rebelling against work. In other words, you just don’t want to do it.

But it can really put a downer on your career. The first problem is the fact that it destroys your productivity. That means that you’re less likely to deliver projects on time. And fewer people are going to recommend you as somebody with whom they should work.

But there’s also the problem that procrastination robs you of your drive to change. You’d like to change career. But laziness prevents you from actually making it happen. You’ll be less focused and, as a result, less able to make the change.

Eliminating procrastination, therefore, is a must. Anna Davis is an experienced work coach and used to dealing with procrastination. She’s got a system that she claims can help people to eliminate procrastination at work. Her advice is to pick two projects you don’t want to do. Then set aside an hour to work on both of them. Alternate every 5 to 15 minutes between the two. Afterward, you’ll feel as if you’ve achieved something and be more inclined to work on these projects in the future.

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