Six Hobbies You Can Learn Online

hobbies that you learn online

At unprecedented times like these, those of us who are obeying lockdown rules are finding ourselves at somewhat of a loose end. There only so many seasons of Seinfeld, the Sopranos and Breaking Bad for you to binge-watch before you start to feel a bit stir-crazy and feel the need to do something more productive with your time.

The brilliant thing about living in the digital age, however, is that there are heaps of juicy hobbies that you learn online. Nowadays, there are literally thousands of tutorial-based courses that you can undertake from the comfort of your own home which will keep you occupied for days. Here are a few suggestions for hobbies you can learn online if you are stuck for ideas.


You may not think that you can draw, but you will soon find you are mistaken. People often hold preconceived beliefs about their lack of artistic potential due to never having received praise or practical direction. With just a few pointers and shortcuts offered by a quality online drawing class, the magic of drawing will soon become your new hobby.


If you fancy getting into shape, but do not like the gym or going running, perhaps you should consider enrolling in an online yoga class. After a few sessions, you will find that not only are you suddenly more flexible than ever before, but you are also feeling more serene.

Playing an Instrument

Now could be the time to pick up that dusty, old guitar that has been lying around for years and finally learn how to play it. You no longer need in-person instruction to learn the basics. Now available online are some incredible virtual courses that should have you strumming along to your favourite tunes in no time.


The art of floristry is as old as time. If you have green fingers in the garden but have never put the beautiful flowers you grow in anything other than an old vase in the kitchen table, maybe you should have a go at flower arrangement. Sign up to a highly-rated course and set yourself the goal of achieving the Certificate III in floristry for an incredibly fulfilling feeling.


Have you always wondered how the likes of David Blaine and co. manage to fool the crowds with their magic skills? If so, all you need is a pack of cards and some direction from one of the many fantastic magic courses online and you will soon be bewildering your family with your skills.


For many of us, language classes at school taught us just one thing: that we suck at learning languages. The reality, however, was probably that the classroom format just did not work for you. You may find that online classes are much more fun and useful to you!

We are lucky that we live in the internet age. Almost any hobby you can think of is now available to learn online now. There is no excuse for boredom – try one of the ideas above and you may find a hobby for life.