Six Reasons You’re Dealing With Headaches


Is there a pain worse than a headache to interrupt your day? Probably not – unless you got hit by a car or something, a headache is the worst pain to deal with. Why? Well, a headache never seems to be just in the head. It’s the neck, the shoulders, the eyes – headaches are quite literally a pain to deal with. You could be sitting at work when one steals over your eyes, or you could be dealing with some tension in the shoulders that can lead to headaches that really take time to go away.

Well, the time is now to stop wondering why they keep happening. Below, we’ve put together six reasons that you could be dealing with the worst headaches you’ve felt. Once you figure out the root of the problem causing your headache, you can think about how to fix it! Let’s take a look:

Your Blood Sugar Has Dropped

This is the most common trigger for a headache. You can easily find one coming on when you skip breakfast and you have nothing left in you to burn off. You need to avoid a sugar spike, of course, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a sugar or two in your coffee. A balanced breakfast is going to start your day properly. You need to have your sugars released into your system slowly, and you can do that with a balanced morning start.

You’re Not Sleeping

It’s a very bad habit, to avoid sleeping. Of course, many people wouldn’t intentionally miss their rest, but work can push your bedtime back by hours and so can other stressors in life. Irregular sleep habits can cause stress and headaches follow that. You can also find that if you avoid triggers like caffeine or alcohol or staring at a screen before bedtime, you’ll be better off and way more comfortable. You need between 6 and 8 hours of sleep per night to make this night a good one.

Too Much Medication

Whether you are a runner who loves to spend time pounding the pavement, or you are getting your headaches from staring at your work computer, you need to think about much paracetamol you’re taking in. If you are popping pills to get through the day, the withdrawal can cause horrible headaches. You can speak to a doctor about changing medication or figuring out how not to rely on them in the first place. Too many painkillers and you’ll be dealing with headaches for days on end. The best thing is to wean off of the painkillers and rely on other methods of pain relief such as acupressure and massage.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

That morning coffee, that mid-afternoon pick me up – they add up and the caffeine content can immediately give you headaches as you withdraw in between drinks. Switch to decaf to enjoy the taste but not deal with the consequences of caffeine overload. Caffeine is in tea, chocolate and other things, too, it’s not just coffee. Be aware of that before you start chowing down on something else to replace your coffee fix.

Screen Time

Is your job making you sick? You may end up looking into how to buy glasses online because your eyes are constantly staring at the screens all day and it’s causing headaches while you work. Minimizing how much time you spend staring at a screen will help you out with your headaches, so try to filter the screen at work and minimize your usage at home. There is blue light technology in smartphones, tablets and computers, and you should know that staring at it for too long can really put pressure on your eyes. The eye strain leads to headaches and that can be very difficult to cope with when you are just trying to get your work done.

What You Eat

Did you know that some people are sensitive to certain foods? It’s these that act as a trigger for headaches! It’s not known which foods would cause a trigger because it’s different for everyone, but if you notice that you are getting headaches whenever you eat certain foods, it’s time to cut them down. Always keep a diary to see what’s triggering those headaches for you and you’ll see a real difference quite quickly. 

No one wants to deal with the pain of headaches, but if you can work out why they’re such a problem, you will be better equipped to handle them and overcome them without much issue.