Soft Surfaces are Changing Playgrounds with their Wet Pour Surface

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Wet pour surfacing is a soft spongy surface that has impact absorbing properties in playground setting. Also known as safe play or soft play, wet pour rubber reduces risk of injuries and allows freedom when playing. Wet pour rubber is a two layer system that is made of EPDM rubber granules that are bonded together by polyurethane resin. Usually, the first layers are made of recycled crumb bonded free of joints and seams. Joints are necessary in an exceptionally large area. Generally, it is designed to absorb impact and protect you from injury during games and sports.

According to statistics, about 72,889 children under eleven years are rushed to emergency units for playground-related injuries. That cannot be a statistic to gloss over when there is a high risk of fatality. This means assessing not only the area but the play ground equipment as well. By ensuring that they are of high quality, parents can continue to be assured about the safety of their kids. 

In addition to safeguarding the players, wet pour rubber provides almost seamless hard wearing, colorful and consistent surfaces that stimulate free play. It is versatile and can be used in many applications. Artificial grass uses wet pour rubber as a shock pad, providing essential shock absorption for kids during games and sports. According to Greg Colburn, a Seattle injury attorney that represents victims involved in playground accidents, “wet pour surfacing can greatly reduce the risk of broken bones, cuts or sprains and even a serious brain injury.”  Click on the link here for more information on wetpour surfacing

Wet Pour Rubber Installation

The depth of the rubber depends on the use of the playground. The minimum should be 20 mm for a run around areas. Around play equipment the fall zone and critical height fall guide the depth of the flooring. If the base is hard, for example made of tarmac or concrete, the surfacing can be superimposed. The installer should make a good edge finish. The hard base can be removed to allow laying a new surfacing level on a proper foundation and consequently providing a flush edge finish.

If no hard surface exists, it is important to lower the surface through excavation.MOT type 1 stone should provide a foundation with a minimum depth of 150 mm. The perimeter of the play area should have a retaining edge made of a brick or similar material.  Timber fits well, but it is not suitable for long term maintenance. Replacing or repairing wet pour is quite expensive. It is imperative that you avoid installing expensive surface under substandard materials.

Colors and graphics

One of the best features of wet pour rubber is that it is available in a wide range of colors. In fact, the colors can be mixed to suit individual interests. While the surfacing can be produced in any color, binders affect the outcome. Also, light colors get dirty very fast. You can include detailed designs in the soft rubber surface while maintaining safety characteristics. Graphics usually include rockets, lion, simple shapes and hopscotches.


The main requirement of wet pour surfaces is regularly brushing debris off the surface. As the surface gets old, power washing and disinfecting will be necessary. Pollution removal is the single most necessary maintenance and can be done by applying washing detergent, brushing with a stiff broom and copious amount of water. Surfaces located under trees are prone to moss. This calls for an application of moss killer.

Advantages of Wet pour surfaces

  • Low maintenance
  • All weather surfaces
  • Even and smooth surfaces
  • Laid on stone or solid base
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Possible to incorporate graphics and shapes
  • Accessible to the disabled

Wet pour surfacing is usually found in areas associated with kids and young people such as schools, playgrounds and parks.


With the minimal joints and seams, wet pour rubber is incredibly flexible. It is made of colossal rubber fibers provide a cushion like feel.  It can be designed with bright colors and favorite patterns and graphics to make your playground more exciting and fun. When installing wet pour rubber, make sure that it meets critical fall height requirements.  Wet pour surfacing is ideal for playgrounds and it guarantees you quality and durability.