Spring Cleaning: Challenge Extended

Anyone else LOVING the fresh, spring air?!  The warmer weather has been a welcomed change here in Illinois.  I try to open my classroom and home windows ALL-YEAR-LONG, no matter what the weather.  It is the best way to get fresh air IN and yucky, germ-filled, stale air OUT.  Obviously I do not leave the windows open for a long time during the cold months (BRR), but I have to do it from time to time for that refreshing blast of new air.

Something that always accompanies the beginning of open-window season in my house is SPRING CLEANING!  I have been scouring Pinterest.

(Hahaha, scouring.  Get it?  A cleaning joke.)

Any-who, I have been scouring Pinterest for ideas, lists, suggestions for a new spring cleaning routine.  I have found a bunch of really comprehensive options.

Here are some of the top picks I am thinking about trying.

I have not decided on a list yet… stay tuned for an update!

Do you have a particular spring cleaning list or routine you follow?

If so, let me know!

Katie Marotta Dawson

Katie Marotta Dawson is a wife, daughter, sister, teacher, Pinner, and now… blogger! Katie has grown to love being the new girl and has moved all over the U-S-of-A. After living in Nashville, TN for ten years, she recently moved to Geneva, IL with her southern sweetheart, Bobby. Katie and Bobby met in Nashville where Katie went to graduate school and taught first grade. Along with teaching, Katie enjoys any organizational project for home or classroom as well as attempting new recipes and DIY projects. Katie also has a deep love for children’s learning, development, and fashion. Katie is a firm believer in girl time, taking risks, trying new things, and following her heart.