Stacking Rings Do’s and Dont’s

For a long time now, jewelers have enabled women to stack the engagement ring together with the wedding band so it looks like on huge ring. This trend has slowly evolved to become a fashion statement that is not just for married women. Stacking several rings together and on different fingers is the latest accessory trend that makes an outfit look complete and glamorous. However, stacking rings is an art that has to be done perfectly and creatively to get the right results. If done wrong it can be a major fashion disaster.

Here are the Dos and Don’ts that must be adhered to.


  1. Less is more– this is the first rule of stacking. Even though the idea is to have several rings on one hand or finger, the size of the ring and the rock must be kept small to avoid looking ridiculous. This can mean choosing rings that are thin and have a small centre stone. Alternatively you can wear one ring on each finger instead of two or choose one finger to do the stacking. If you wear two beautiful rings on the index finger and one small one on the wedding finger it will give an elegant look as compared to having rings on all fingers.
  1. Be cohesive– stacking is all about creativity and self-expression. However,one must be careful not have contrasting colors that are confusing to the eye. While you can play around with shapes, flowers and textures, try to have rings that are closely related. Buying rings from the same designer and getting their advice may help in this area.
  1. Be authentic– this is important because accessorizing is a form of self-expression. What you do must match your fashion sense and your personality. A cool, quiet and soft-spoken person wearing many butterfly rings on their hands will look completely out of place. Choose rings that match your personality and express who you are while keeping it elegant.
  1. Get outside the box– traditionally we are used to wearing rings on the middle and ring fingers. Stacking trend comes to life when you do something extraordinary like putting a long beautiful ring on the pointing finger and a small one on your pinky. Adorning your thumb is totally in and there are specific rings made just for it. Leave the middle finger for engagement and ring finger for your wedding. If you put on the right rings on these three special fingers only you will look uniquely creative and fabulous.
  1. Balance– One must balance between too much and too little. A suggestion here might be to wear a big ring alone or many small rings stacked on different fingers. Always try to balance the entire hand as well. If you have too many accessories on your hand, keep the rings to a minimum.



  1. Do not under any condition put rings of different colours on one finger. If possible eliminate the entire possibility of mix and match. Always wear rings of one colour, have one flower only and have one metal only.
  1. Do not wear all your rings – there is such a thing as overdoing it. Select just a few rings that will go well together and leave the rest at home. In most cases just two or three rings look good enough.


Rings you must have

rings 2

  1. Cherry Blossom Stackable Ring – this beautiful ring screams elegance and femininity. It can be worn alone or stack with other minimal rings. One can wear it on any finger on the hand and it will still look fabulous. Matched with similar cherry blossom earrings, you will have a complete look that no one can beat.




rings 3

  1. Pandora Infinite Shine Ring – this ring is a perfect example of minimalistic rings that can be stacked together with other types. It can be worn on any finger on its own or combined with another of its kind.




stacking rings

  1. Cohesive Jewels, Hammered Cuff in Gold- a ring that looks like it’s three in one is a nice way to create a stacking illusion. Having two of these rings strategically worn on different fingers will pull off a look that is rare and unexpected.



Stacking Rings To Perfection

Stacking rings is a matter of understanding ones taste and environment and creating balance between trendy and crazy. Well-stacked rings worn on nicely manicured fingers create the ultimate fashion statement and it can be done by anyone.