Start Your Own Business in 2017

Start Your Own Business

January is filled with New Year’s resolutions that rarely make it past February – drinking less alcohol, starting at the gym, going on a diet. Instead, why not make plans to further your career or add to your skills?

The Christmas season has proved to be a great period for boosting businesses. So, this year could be the perfect time to make the leap if you have a hobby you think you could make extra money from. Here are three business ideas for you to take into 2017.

Create Handmade Cards

If you’re interested in taking up calligraphy or drawing, you could try your hand at creating cards, gift wrap and gift tags with your new skill.

With a number of online marketplaces like Etsy and Depop growing in popularity, it shows that people are increasingly looking for unique, personalised and individual gifts from independent retailers.

These items will be popular all year round, not just at Christmas, so you can flex your creative muscles to create personalised cards and gift tags for your customers.

Bake Some Sweet Treats

The latest series of The Apprentice saw Alana Spencer securing a £250,00 investment for her small cake business, showing that the baking trend shows no signs of slowing down. Why not try selling your delicious confectionaries at local fairs to be given as gifts?

Those who are pros at cake decoration can tap into the market for wedding, birthday and party cakes. People are willing to pay a bit more for a cake made to their specifications and as you have control over how many orders you agree to take, it can take up as much or as little of your free time as you decide.

Customise and Upcycle Old Furniture

A recent survey by The Furniture Market showed that four million emergency chairs were used for festive gatherings at Christmas. Those who have a passion for upcycling or customising furnishings can anticipate the market and promote their products early in the festive season so that families aren’t stuck with last-minute buys that don’t match the rest of their home.

Find old furniture from charity shops and car boot sales and give them a new lease of life. A lick of paint on a chest of drawers or some new upholstery on dining room chairs can add the individual edge that customers are looking for.


Take your hobby to the next level in 2017. If you spend your time on perfecting your business idea and brand, this time next year you could be reaping the rewards and making plans to grow your business further!


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