Starting Your Own Metal-Working Business

You know what you want out of life, and it’s not numbers and a job at a desk. You see many of your peers scrambling to make big-money by stuffing themselves in a cubicle. And for what? Each day when they go home, they don’t even know what they accomplished. That’s not for you. You want to be able to see what you’ve done.

As far as you’re concerned, people have gone a little bit crazy; they’ve lost sight of what really matters in life. While everyone scrambles to become a lawyer (and then can’t get a job… because there are too many lawyers) you have a smarter scheme up your sleeve. Blue-collar jobs are widely in demand. The men and women who wanted to do horticulture and welding are now some of the most valuable people in the job market. Not enough people are trained in blue collar positions. The need is huge. The day-to-day pay might be a little less, but you’ll never be out of a job. And you don’t have ludicrous piles of loans to pay off.

No, you’ve got it right. You haven’t lost sight of the fact that work-satisfaction involves creating something and using your hands. You love to work with your hands, the way people have been doing it for thousands of years.

Creating With Your Hands

While there are hundreds of options out there for people who want to work with their hands, you’ve always been drawn to metal. It’s practically eternal. It’s strong. Even with the invention of plastic, metal hasn’t become obsolete. It’s still in demand. And with fewer and fewer metal-workers out there, you’re in the prime spot to start a business all your own.

You’ll likely choose a specific product to focus on, then begin production and marketing. With the internet, you can sell your products all over the globe, making sure demand never dwindles. Whether you choose to make high-quality aluminum slatwall, pipes, or the cogs and gears of clocks, you can choose a market the piques your interest, then start growing your client base. You can start small and make speciality products, all on your own, or you can expand into a multi-person business and make more, faster. It’s up to you–because the business is all yours.

After You’re Up And Running

Once your business is on its way, you’ll have to be aware of regulations. You’ll have to make sure your business practices are OSHA compliant. You’ll also need to make sure you’re in line with EPA requirements, and if you do any metal finishing, you’ll want to consider getting wastewater treatment equipment.

Whatever direction you decide to take your skills, starting out on your own and forming your own business can be immensely satisfying. You know what you want, and you’re going to go for it. Not only will you get to work with your hands, you’ll be able to take pride in every piece that gets made under your roof.