Stocking Stuffer Ideas For All The Ladies On Your List

festive season

With Christmas right around the corner, there really isn’t all that much shopping time left. Maybe you are aware of the fact, but just don’t know exactly what to get the ladies on your list. After all, shopping for a woman can be a head-scratching, mind-boggling affair. Trying to decipher any hints or clues at what she might want without coming out and just asking her can be quite the task. It is true that stocking stuffers aren’t a substitute for a real gift, but they can be a great opening act.

Solid State Charm Necklace

Jewelry might be a bit of a cliché when it comes to stocking stuffers, but what woman can resist? And, the solid-state charm necklace is just the affordably perfect little gift that will charm any little lady on your holiday list. This charming little necklace can be fitted with a charm that resembles her home state, which will remind her of her childhood and where she came from.

The Tile Tracker

Do you have a little lady on your list that is always misplacing her keys, wallet, or phone? Well, the tile tracker might be just the perfect stocking stuffer. This neat little credit card sized tile can be attached to whatever she is always losing. Then when she actually misplaces the item she can use a smartphone app to track down her belongings.

Kate Spade New York Sailor’s Knot Earrings

Earrings are another go-to stocking stuffer, but what lady doesn’t need a good pair of earrings that she can sport on a daily basis. These cute and sleek little earrings are extremely versatile and will match just about anything in her closet. The sailor knot design really makes these earrings stand out from your standard earrings so they are also going to complement anything in her wardrobe.

Amazon Echo Dot

Do you have a techie on the list? If so, you simply cannot go wrong with the Amazon echo dot. This device can be a lifesaver and comes along with all kinds of amazing features. The voice-controlled device can play music, dim the light, answer incoming phone messages, makes outgoing calls; play an audiobook, and tons more. It can even call out a recipe while she in the kitchen cooking. This hands-free device is the perfect stocking stuffer for any lady on your list that loves technology.

Mini Perfume

Every woman loves to smell good and you probably love the way your lady smells. Well, it really can be quite the chore packing around full-sized perfumes in a small purse. And, this is exactly where mini perfumes come in handy. These travel-sized perfumes will fit in any small purse or bag without consuming too much space. What’s even better is that it won’t be hard to figure out what perfume your ladies like. You can just simply sneak into the bathroom or wherever she keeps her perfumes and do a little browsing when she is out of the house.