How to Stop Working for the “Man”

Many people want to change their career paths for so many different reasons. Maybe you don’t agree with the ethos of your company anymore, or you want to feel like you are making a difference. Whatever it is, there are people everywhere wishing they could change their career path, but are stuck in their current one. Here are a few ideas and suggestions on how to do exactly that, from the obvious to less obvious. With a bit of networking and a push in the right direction, so many people can change their career paths for the better. If you’re tired of working for the “man”, or just want to try something different, there are some ideas here for everyone.

Ask Around

The art of asking around, or knowing the right people, can really get you everywhere. Even if you don’t have friends in high places, there are plenty of opportunities to network. Places such as coffee shops or bars, can all be great places to get chatting about careers, and what line of work people are in. Do you want to start working in the world of art? Then start hanging out at gallery openings, and meet some like minded people. You would be surprised where an off hand conversation can get you. Sometimes, it really is about who you know.

Do Your Research Thoroughly

Online is of course one of the best places to look for work, but make sure your research is thorough. Try different key words in your search, and get inventive with how you describe the job. Mistakes can easily be made in a job advertisement. Why not look a bit further a field and consider relocating to another area?

It can’t hurt enquiring and registering with agencies who might be able to help you find a job. Try looking at ones like Alexander Daniels Recruitment Agency. Often these agencies might be specific to regions, or specialise in finding careers in certain areas. It is possible that they might even have connections, or know certain employers well and have a good relationship with them. It never hurts to do your research thoroughly, and use the more obvious routes of finding different careers. Opportunities can be easily missed, so make sure your research is thorough.

Get Educated

You don’t have to go back to university, but picking up a few extra qualifications here and there can’t hurt your job search. Often organisations offer courses and qualifications alongside work, so look out for them. There are also Masters courses, or even evening classes, that can boost your CV. The advantage of  a Masters course, is they are often vocational and aimed at those already in the workplace. Getting another qualification can give you a push in the right direction, especially if you are planning on changing your career drastically.

Changing your career is never easy, but by following some of these ideas, the transition can be that much smoother. Get out there, and get looking for a new career. There are so many out there for your to try.



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