Strip the Style – Breaking Down the Summer Fashion Trends of 2017

Summer Fashion Trends of 2017

We all can’t wait for next summer to be approaching and the heat slowly rising, and to put aside our fluffy turtlenecks and warm jeans. Oh! To be able to finally pull out our summer dresses and shorts again! With the heat that is sure to arrive, that is the time of year where we see all of our beaches filling up with people looking to cool down, but it’s also the time of year we pretty much always realise we need a new bathing suit! Why not beat the rush and start shopping for those essential summer items now?

Trips to shopping centres during the heat can be a nightmare, with herds of people flocking to the air conditioned buildings for some retail therapy, but luckily you can check out FELLA Swimsuits Online where you can shop till you drop, all from the comfort of your own home. While most of summer happens in the water, the rest of it does happen on land, so it’s also time to stock up our summer wardrobes!

To give you an insight of what summer in 2017 is going to look like in the fashion world, here are a few trends we’ve been graced with from the spring/summer 2017 shows.



Not only are bralettes a gorgeous piece for any summer outfit, they’re also very practical for the summer heat. Designers like Alexander Wang have shown bralettes in their spring/summer fashion shows for 2017 paired with shorts and sandals or even pants with boots. Have fun with this versatile number as they come in countless different styles.



Collared shirts or jackets, even dresses, are a great way to make any outfit look sleek, chic, and even professional. Miu Miu showed a wide variety of collars, open and button up, in heaps of the spring/summer 2017 designs on dresses, shirts, jackets, and even blazers.

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While summer fashion is mostly known for its bright colours and loud looks, this season Chloé has taken a more monochromatic approach to things. Whilst there are still pieces that are alive with colour and patterns, a lot of the looks are pieced together with blue and white, or just singular colours. This can help an outfit look pieced together with a certain theme in mind and stops the look becoming too busy for the eyes.



Whilst summer definitely is not known for long sleeves, designers such as Versace have made bold plans to keep sleeves alive throughout spring / summer 2017. Sleeves are making a hit on coats, blazers, and even dresses. With the right material the sleeves would be breathable so they don’t become unbearable in the summer heat, even shielding you from those harmful UV rays.



As always, a staple in spring / summer fashion throughout the years is the classic and always welcomed florals. Alexander McQueen showed us looks very heavy with floral patterns all throughout the pieces with the botanic markings making a statement on dresses, shirts, jeans, coats, and even shoes.



Another item not normally known for its summer hits, Balenciaga has given us looks which heavily feature large coats. Whilst keeping cool isn’t the main job of a large coat, they certainly help keep the UV rays away and can be a great way to finish a look off. A great piece for anyone spending time inside where it’s cooler, or attending any soirees in the cooler evening air.

The Spring/Summer seasons have seen many looks come and go, so just be bold and have fun when putting together your style, never forgetting to add your own personality to each piece.