Stuck in the Cube? 5 Tips Make Summer Bearable

During the summer months the weather is nice, and everybody would love nothing more than to be on the beach lounging around enjoying their time. Unfortunately for many, that is not the case. Working in an office all day can lead to some serious summer blues when you get to thinking about all those fun times you’re missing out on. But there are ways to spruce up your look, and your desk to make it a bit cheerier inside.  Even in the cube, you can make summer bearable.

summer bearable

1: Jewelry

summer bearable

Summer jewelry can certainly make you feel a bit more care free, even if you’re going to spend the day stuck at your desk.  Think fun things like a bracelet with your favorite charms.  Find that special pair of earrings that just says “summer” like a pair of hoops, or spice it up and find an ear wrap with a floral design to give yourself a bit of uniqueness. Pair that with a nice necklace,  and you’ll have yourself a nice set of lighthearted jewelry that is sure to get compliments.  Plus it will double for those nights you go out and have a night on the town.


2: Shoes

summer bearable

Shoes are clearly an important part of every day life, but as the old saying goes, you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. So when it comes to summer and you still need to keep that professional feel around the office, go find a nice pair of wedges that go with most outfits, that are comfortable. Looks aren’t everything when it comes to a pair of shoes. Comfort is huge, especially if you’re going to be wearing those puppies for eight hours a day.  If you need something new (who doesn’t?) try shopping at your favorite off-price store.  My favorites are TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack.


3: Hair styles


Believe it or not, making an effort with your hair can make a big statement. During the summer, be bold! Highlights will definitely spruce up your look, and looking up how to do some adorable hairstyles off of YouTube isn’t something to avoid. There are videos out there for really cute up-do’s that can make you look ready to leave the office and hit the pool. Whether you have short hair or long, the right up-do with a cute floral headband can not only make you feel better, but also make you more confident. If headbands aren’t your way to go, there are plenty of cute summery scarves that can immediately boost your summer look.  Glamour has 50 ideas for summer.    So many choices, so little time!


4: Desk accessories

 summer bearable

If you’re allowed to customize your workspace a little bit, take advantage of it.  Natalie Brown of BuzzFeed has some super cute ideas.  A local fabric store is the ideal place to get swatches of fabric that can brighten up pencil holders, clipboards, and even make a seasonal mouse pad. Buying a cheap vase and some flowers (real if you can but fake lasts way longer) is another great way that you can brighten up your desk, and maybe even put a smile on somebody else’s face.


5: Food and drink

What you eat and drink actually has a huge affect on your moods. During the summer don’t be afraid of fruit! Adding fruit like strawberries and blueberries to water bottles, enjoying seasonal salads, and all around changing up what you eat during your lunch break is a fabulous way to not only eat healthier, but get to enjoy the fruits of summer (quite literally). Try to convince the boss about doing a sort of potluck bbq for the office, where everybody brings something to contribute and then you can really get that summery feel while – hopefully – enjoying a great meal with co-workers.

Even in the Cube, You Can Make Summer Bearable

As you can see there are plenty of ways that you can spice up your office life during the summer, so that you can still enjoy those warm months if you’re stuck inside. It’s really that easy. Grocery stores have sales all the time on seasonal fruit, most department stores (or wherever you like to shop) offer great coupons on summer clothing, and there’s never a shortage of jewelry and shoe sales. These are great ways to make yourself happier during the summer, and you can do it without breaking the bank.

Cubicle Image by Chris Campbell



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