Stuck in Your Career? Try These 3 Powerful Tips


If you have legs to walk, a mouth to talk, and fingers to type, you should never feel crippled in your career. It’s not fair to diagnose yourself with problems when you are a perfectly sane individual, capable of doing whatever you want.

Here is the truth: your perceived problem is not the issue–your perceived lack of power is. You’ve given up your power by acting like a hopeless wanderer who is waiting to be rescued. You have the power to create a career that aligns with who you are at your core. Need help? Here’s where to start.

1. Create a Vision Board

You have to see yourself having more than you have now. This is the only way to climb to the top of the mountain later. So, if you want a six-figure career and a  flexible work arrangement, expect it. If you want  great employment benefits and a husband or wife who supports your career growth, you have to believe it’s possible for you.

Start creating a vision board and position your mind to achieve the success you seek. A vision board is a collage of powerful images. The board represents what you want to be, do, or have in life. Cut out pictures from your favorite magazine or print pictures from online sources that reflect what you want. To make the vision more realistic, paste a picture of yourself in the center of the board. Place your vision board in a location where you can see it every morning. The vision needs to become your new normal; soon you will start to feel like you have everything you want.

2. Create Powerful Career Affirmations

Affirmations have become one of the most popular forms of mental prosperity; they prepare the mind to attract success by changing the thoughts that we think about most often. Affirmations are positive statements that allow us to refocus our energy on the future possibilities instead of the past problems. What makes affirmations so powerful are the present tense forms of the statements that you make. It empowers you to speak as if you already have everything you seek.

Create affirmations that energize and empower you. Post the affirmations where you can see them on a daily-basis.

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If you’re stuck in a career, trying to unlock the doors to your dream career, or mustering up the courage to choose the career that sets your soul on fire, here are a few affirmations that you can add to your daily routine. Start with “I”.

• have the courage to go after what I really want.
• love who I am, and I am excited about who I am becoming.
• give myself permission to create opportunities that align with my passion and purpose.
• am divorcing my fears and getting ready for the best years of my life.
• am capable of more than I thought possible.
• The work that I am doing is preparing me for something greater.

Look in the mirror and say the affirmations out loud. This will work wonders for your confidence.

3. Learn a New Career Boosting Skill

Here is the most expensive career mistake that some people make: once they find their dream job or earn the income that they were seeking, they stop investing in themselves. They think they can rest on what they have already done in order to get to where they want to go.

Then, the unfortunate reality sinks in. They don’t get the promotion. The fancy year-end bonus that they expected wasn’t on their paycheck. They realize that the job they have doesn’t align with the gifts that are inside of them. And the worst of them all, they get bored and are wasting valuable time that they will never get back.

Be intentional about building your soft and technical skills. Here are ways that you can develop yourself:

  • Join a Toastmasters club and start building your communication confidence. You’ll need it for your next interview or when you are trying to sell your million-dollar business idea.
  • Travel to a foreign location and take advantage of a one-month language immersion program. Being multilingual is definitely a competitive edge over others in the marketplace. It is an ability that displays a person’s cultural intelligence, commitment to learning, and openness to diverse people.
  • With the number of businesses that are making their way online every day, knowing how to design a website comes in handy. It can also put some extra income in your pocket. Take a website design course and you won’t have to depend on others to sell your future online products and services.
  • Coding is becoming the most in-demand skill across all industries. While you’re waiting on your next career move, it wouldn’t hurt to take a coding course. According to a new report from Burning Glass, a job market analytics firm, there were as many as 7 million job openings in 2015 in occupations that required coding skills. There is opportunity all around you!

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Charlene Rhinehart

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