Working Smart To Develop Your Study Skills

Studying.  It’s one of those words you’ve probably learned to loathe.  And yet you know that it’s just a necessary part of the learning process.  The real challenge comes in trying to figure out the most optimal way to study.  We’ve all probably done the fabled cramming for exams.  And you just know it’s not the best way to do it.  I remember the words of a college English prof on finals day, as he handed out the writing exams.  Paraphrasing Stephen Grellet and reminding us that he just knew how some of us had spent the previous night, he said “you shall not pass this way again.”

Time For New Study Skills?

Even now when college is a fading memory, we all still have to study up on this or that from time to time.  So I’m thinking it might be time to review and adopt some more effective study habits.  And who knows better about studying than those in fields of medicine?  The team over at came up with this infographic that lays out what it takes to hone your study skills to a whole new level.



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