Stuff You Should Know About The Various Career Paths In Medicine

As soon as anyone says ‘you should go into medicine’ we all immediately jump on the idea of being a doctor. It would make our mothers so proud, and they have the best career prospects, don’t they? But it’s vital not to neglect all of the other roles in the medical field that are that doctors would be lost without. Read on to find out what some of them are and whether they would suit you.



Nursing has undergone a radical change in the last 20 years. The entire careers field has seen a greater specialization of roles. This means that rarely are you a general nurse, but a nurse practitioner, an ER nurse or a nurse specializing in pediatric care.

This is a positive move because rank and experience and recognised more. Also, nurses with specialised skills can be put to use in the areas that they are most needed. This means the patients get better care. It also feeds into the knowledge bank that the doctors use to make their diagnosis, as they say, two heads are better than one.

Being a nurse is tough, but rewarding career in medicine. If you are considering trying to become one,  you should page like Staff Nurse website to help you find your new job.


Of course, it’s not just doctors that are classed as in the medical profession, But dentists too. Dentist takes care of our mouth and teeth. There tends to be two type of dentists. A general practitioner and an Orthodontist.

An orthodontist focuses on the misalignment of teeth and jaws and getting these back into a normal range. To become a dentist you will need to follow the careers advice here. Once you are qualified and are out on the General Dental Register, you will be able to work at a certificated practice and start seeing patients.


As any pet owner knows it not just humans that need medical assistance. Vets are essentials to the health of a both our pets and our working animals.

The education period is actually longer for vets that it is for doctors, which can surprise some people. Although it’s easy to see why it is more lengthy, as at least people all follow the same physiological pattern. Vets could go from treating a kitten to a crocodile in the same day!

Most people go to uni to study veterinary medicine. Then they carry on their education at a training practice before becoming fully qualified. It can be a hard slog to become a vet. The seven years it takes can be financially draining too!

Like options, we have seen the privatization of many veterinary practices lately. This means that commercial companies won the practices while the vets or options work there. It used to be that they would own them themselves.

Lab Technician


A Lab Technician is a vital support role for both the field of human and animal medicine. When you see a doctor or vet order a blood test, the lab technicians are the people that perform the analysis on the sample. They check to see if there are any abnormalities or pathogens present.

Lab technicians have to work with very delict equipment. They also always have to be watchful of cross contamination and cleanliness, which can spoil the samples that they are testing.  

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